IMPORTANT Changelog (9-11-2020)


Staff member
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These are several of the updates posted in the last few months that I forgot to post on the forums:

  • Emotes are back, you can use /emotes to see the list of ways to interact with your friends or roleplay!
  • /scroll is back and updated to work with the newer version of mythics for 1.15
  • Mentioning players who are muted no longer spams you! Just a reminder you can do /pmmute if you do not want to receive notifications about being mentioned.
  • The player mention plugin should not warn you when you speak without mentioning someone during the cooldown anymore
  • The rewards should be fixed, so no more randomly not getting something from the chat reaction and such
  • There are still issues with bank robbery, this is completely down while I continue to work on a fix
  • Blockball is back for school events/clubs
  • There is now a /warp parkour with endless parkour for anyone interested in a little minigame here and there (I will be adding a leader board soon)
  • The casino slots are back up and running
  • The crates at /warp crates should be good to go. If you have old keys, I can replace them for you if they don't work anymore.
  • /scroll is working again as well as the mythic drops as a whole
  • /vehicle is working again to see and purchase all the vehicles Cities has
  • The food trucks across from /warp bank have been added as rentable regions for $1000 a week. Thanks to Jayfeathr for the suggestion and popularizing these trucks even when they were in a pvp enabled zone! Please be advised that changing the exterior of these trucks will result in you being removed from the region and the truck being reset (or further action if needed).
  • Magic sugar is now legal in all amounts
  • An issue with NPC's has been fixed which was causing random, severe lag spikes
  • You can now /lay and ride other players (Our previous 1.12 plugin had /lay but the newer 1.15 one did not until now)
  • Optimization improvements to help the server run better
  • /help is now back along with it's many custom GUI pages
  • You can sell black wool at the /warp mine now, not for much but enough to get a little cash for the blocks that were just inventory fillers before
  • Slight buff to the emerald and diamond selling prices at /warp shop
  • Security guard at the bank now wanders around and engages in pvp if you attack him. His traits will continue to evolve as I test things out with this plugin and he will have drops soon when the new guns are released.