City standards guide [Plots & Apartments]

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Mar 19, 2017
What are "City standards"?
City standard is a term we use to define a rule regarding unsatisfactory builds.

A building may not meet our standard requirements in multiple ways:
  1. it can be too tall or too small compared to the other builds around it
  2. the type of blocks that has been used for the build doesn't match the surrounding builds
  3. smaller details that staff can specify for individual build.
In short, there are many ways that a building can be rejected by the standards we use.

Are empty plots an issue?
If a plot is empty and not being used, but the owner is active, they will receive a warning to make use of the plot within 14 days or else it will be revoked completely.

What if i get a warning?
MinisterP, Jr.Admins, and Admins will handle city standards and are the only ones authorized to do so.

As soon as we find that a plot is not city standard, the owner will receive a mail in-game, and we will place a sign at the front of the plot.

The owner then has 14 days to put the plot in a satisfactory condition for city standards or to have a new building transferred.

After 14 days, if no changes made, the entire building will be removed.
You can not request a refund for this, even if you are inactive during this period.

Use our creative world to build a home to have it transferred on to your plot for a small fee [see transfer requests on forum].

With empty plots, the plots will recieve a warning asking them to make use of the empty plot. The player will then have 14 days to make a house for the plot in creative and get it transfered before the plot is revoked from their possession.

Players can commission an architect if necessary. Look out for the [Arch] tag in game if you wish to hire one for a build.

Is your build almost finished or is the architect still working on it?
Then you can always send the person who gave you a warning a mail in-game (/mail send player message) with the relevant information. This mail needs to be sent within a few days of the warning.

Apartments standards:

apartments must also meet minimum requirements to promote residential enjoyment and will be inspected by the MinisterP on the following points:

the size of the apartment:
a minimum size will be determined
the minimum size will be about 8x8.
if an apartment is 7x10 it will also be approved.
as long as the apartment is big enough for the basic needs.

is a apartment to small?
if the apartment is too small then it will be unregioned, and the player owning the apartments will get compensation (details below)

Price of the apartment:
the apartment is too big and too low the price will be increased
also if the apartment is small but too expensive the price will be adjusted.

External look of the apartment:
the appearance of the building will also have to meet the city standards
that means it has to fit into the environment
if the location itself is not suitable for an apartment complex it will also become unregioned and the player owning the apartment complex will receive compensation
the owner will also receive a warning the same as normal city standards warning (details above)

the apartment complex must be accessible to players
that means that there must be a lobby with enough space
the apartments must also have accessible lifts so that they can reach the floor where the apartment is located.

If the apartment building is unregioned because of any of the reasons listed above then the
owner wil be refunded a amount of money to compensate but this wil be variating ea situation

are you renting in a appartment that is getting unregioned ?
we will transfer renting players to a apatment builing that is qualified to your standards also the renter will recieve 4x the amount of rent refund
apartment rent ea week is 250 $ than its 1,000 $.
is the apartment 1.000 $ it will be 4.000 $.

* note * only staff will determine whether it receives a warning or not, island owners are not allowed to put warnings in front of plots.

Kind regards,
McCities staff team.
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