IMPORTANT Court Build Competition

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Hello, players of McCities

We’re currently looking for a new /warp court build. Everyone is welcome to participate! The build should be relative traditional and fit with the surrounds of /warp bank & university. If possible please also include a smaller holding cell area. Please ensure the build fits within a 30x75 space. The winner will be recognition for their build, and receive a $250,000 cash prize.

The build should not look halfway done or empty
Build needs to be built in creative or the architect world (our server)
It has to meet city standards (shouldn't be a huge skyscraper or medieval build)
You can build the court with a friend, only one of you can enter in the form though
Has to be on a flat plot
Needs to be within 30x75 space. Any bigger builds/extremely small will be disqualified.
You can enter with a past build, but it needs to have been built yourself

FroztyStars, Gjegevey and I will be judging the builds
You’ll be given 4 weeks to build the court, February 15th - 12:00 AM (EST).

Enter Your Build Here

Have fun and good luck :)
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Jun 12, 2018
@Smilinq are you going to establish some new roles for citizens to take part of in the some sort of new court system?
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