[Event] Murder Mystery Week 3!!

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A murder took place on Cities...

2 weeks have passed since the terrible murder at /warp bank and the murderer is still on the loose. Last night however we think the murderer reappeared in the City. A silent robbery took place at the News Station in Cayman. There are many valuable items in the vault but only 1 item was taken. Please inspect the vault for clues and track down the stolen item. I have strong faith this item will give us more insights to the murder and might give us the final clues to solve the Mystery.

The News Building is at /warp city to your right. Here's a picture. Go inside and the cops will guide you to the vault.


Save this server, catch the murderer and solve this case!

Good luck Detective,
M. Galaxie


Hello Players of McCities

It's already week 3 of the Murder Mystery. Time really moves fast. There's not much to say for this week except read Week 2 and 1 if you haven't yet!

Also I'd like to tell you all that next week the Police Report will be posted with the release of week 4 for the event. This means that in about 7 days you will be able to answer the questions, solve the mystery and possibly win awesome prizes! This means that you still have time to participate if you wish, just make sure to take enough time. This week is based around coordinates and I do give a little hint, most of these Coordinates are set around warps and all of them are on Cayman.

Good luck tracking and most importantly, Have fun!


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Not open for further replies.