[Event] Murder Mystery week 4 (Submit Police Report here!)

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A Murder took place on McCities

It has been 3 weeks since the tragic murder. The Police are happy to announce that the Murderer has been apprehended, thanks to the hard work of the Detectives. The police used the info on the Data Drive and found out where the Murderer is hiding. We thought the Mystery was finally solved, but the Judge said we need more evidence to make this a solid case. We don't know where the murderer was operating from, why he killed the victim and where he went after the murder at /warp bank.

Thankfully we do have 1 more lead for you to follow Detective. We know for a fact that the base is somewhere in the sewer system at /warp bank. We need you to go down there, but be careful! The sewers are a dangerous place. Follow the trails and hopefully you can find the Hidden Base!

Once you have gathered all the evidence you can fill in the Police Report. Then we can submit it to the Judge and hopefully put the Murderer Behind bars for many years to come!


Good luck Detective!


Hello Players of McCities!

Murder Mystery has reached it's final stage! This week you all have to fill in the Police Report aka a Google form about the Murder Mystery. All participants will recieve a fun Price, but only the best Detectives will recieve the Admin Item! I hope you all enjoyed this Event, it was at least a lot of fun setting it up :D

If you have any feedback or idea's for the event, Please Share! While I may not be able to redo this event immediatly, I can always use the feedback for future events. Make sure to fill in the Police Report as Soon as possible btw! The Detectives to fill in the report the fastest will win the Admin item. We will close the submission 30 October and Announce the Winners + The full story on Halloween!

I really really really hope you guys enjoyed the event and wish you all good luck on solving this Mystery!

Greets, Jazz aka Empty_exe :D

Police Report:

The Prizes are:
First 3: Winter Crate Key, Detective's Cap, and 10 Halloween Candy
Spot 4-5: Detective's Cap + 5 Halloween Candy
All participants with a 5/6 get 2 Halloween candy!
(You need a 5/6 Score in order to win any prize)

Previous weeks of the Murder Mystery:
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Jun 12, 2018
One thing that would be really helpful for the next event would be like a timer i guess for when the police report is able to be sent in. I must have done timezones wrong or something cuz i thought it was gonna come out at 2pm for me but it actually came out at 6am, so i doubt i won T_T
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