IMPORTANT First Major Update

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Police Changes
The police system has been restructured with the following changes:
  • Police will now need to hit players twice to jail them​
  • The police kit contains a taser which can slow the target down for 5 seconds when hit​
  • Wanted System​
    • Wanted levels will vary based on different levels of crime (Reference the updated Police Guide for different crime levels)​
    • Each wanted level will increase your jail time by 2 minutes​
    • Wanted levels are capped at 3​
    • /friendly (name) - Request a friendly fight with a player, so you do not receive wanted levels for murder/assault.
  • When you commit a crime or get hit by a jail stick, you will see a timer on your screen. Each new crime you commit will restart your timer. The wanted timer lasts 20 minutes.
  • Police hunger issue fixed

Mythics have been readded to the server:
  • You can visit the Merchant inside the Black Market for different options regarding Mythics.
    • Exchange 30 levels for 3 random scrolls
    • Exchange 40 levels for 3 random mythic items
    • Exchange 9 scrolls for the next tier scroll (Ex: 9 Chill I scroll -> 1 Chill II scroll)
Other Changes
  • Gun store has been changed to stock different guns every day
  • MOTD discord link is now up to date
  • Newbie protection brings up the correct command to disable it
  • Fixed an issue that was crashing the server occasionally
  • Fixed an issue that was causing massive lag spikes
  • The store crates section has been updated to match the currently available crates

Future Plans

The next update we have planned is renovating the school & careers. Without spoiling too much, we plan to let players learn different aspects of the server from school which will help you branch out to different new career paths we intend to introduce onto the server.


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Oct 25, 2016
the scrolls can what now!? Nice!! You did all this yourself? Good job! You even added a /friendly, I couldn't think of something that useful :D
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