FriedPotaters/Bubblesthepro Ban Appeal

Aug 15, 2018
Minecraft username: My current username is "FriedPotaters" but during the time I was banned I was known as "Bubblesthepro"
Staff that banned you: I have no clue which staff member banned me because I left the server after breaking the rules. It may have been a female co-owner at the time.
Reason for ban: "threatening the server" I know I was banned over a year ago for spamming the forums and server with multiple messages but I am not entirely sure on how I threatened the server due to how long ago I broke the rules. I'm not denying I threatened the server but I only remember spamming over 50 messages on the forums/server and never coming back until today to appeal this ban. I am IP banned on the forums so I am using a VPN to be able to appeal this ban. I agree what I did was foolish but this is one of the only servers I truly enjoyed playing, so for now on I will keep to myself if I am unbanned.
Proof against the ban:


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