hi o///o


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hello! im known on the server as kwitties, but also have gone by ImKate, katepls, and for a short while, oopsiey. i've been around for 5 years but *finally* came back, and this time for good. ive always loved it here and finally decided with all my free time i may as well come back!

i make one of these pretty much every time i come back and wasn't going to this time but there are so many new players i haven't met and i figured it might be better to make one, so hi!

my name is cat (i used to go by kate and if you still call me that, its ok!), im 18, i usually spend my time on other games and *would've* had a job by now but the pandemic kinda shut that idea down (as i'm very vulnerable to it) so i have wayyy too much free time! i'm always here to help or listen, so never be too shy to hmu, im always here! my discord is kwitties#0028

i hope i get to meet all of the new players, yall are so sweet o///o ~