I am quitting... Yes iJayx is quitting


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You are probably like yessss Jay is quitting. I will be coming on from time to time to save my plots. I don't have a lot to say but:
@ibray: Thanks for everything dude, you made Mccities much better, you taught me how to pvp! You have gave me so much stuff, and I am so thankful for you doing that. You didn't have to, but you did, you are so nice
@Smilinq : It was fun working with you! Building with you was so amazing, keep up the great work! I will miss the times where we will gossip and talk about people lmaooo. You have made building fun to me! I love your style, it inspired me to put your style, into my style.
@sundae22: You are a great Jr.Admin, and I hope you will get promoted! Bunnyears was, and hopefully would be a good island. I miss seeing all the houses
@wisemanjp: If you seen this, you are the most kindest person on this server. My dream with you was to buy a mansion, and let you have a room.. But that didn't happen, but be safe! This actually made me tear up, I wish I woulc have spent time with you, and make you a roomin my house/mansion... which I didn't do sadly
@Seb: we had ups and downs, but we both came out great at the end. I love your island, it was a perfect island! Hopefully we will meet on another server!
@Gracie: You are so funny, but so dramatic, and like to be mischievous. You are great at building, and its sad to see you go.
@Crackshark: VC has always and will always be fun with you. You keep good conversations. We would talk about people, laugh at people, and just... be funny. You a Great friend, and most underrated person on this server!
@Owen: We had ups and downs, but we are cool. Keep Mccities Petty. Don't let Mccities die, make it petty, be nonchalant, and just keep it wild... if you can
@Dawn or EpicRanchOwner: Yes things could have went right, but idk... You taught me to pvp. I love your Ranch, you did good, and I also love your apt... which I did build :p
@_Shiba_: You are soooooo funnyyyy! Miss the times where we would talk about food. You helped me with redstone, its going to be hard not seeing you around.
@DelicateBean: It was good being friends with you! Keep scamming lmaoooo
@FroztyStars : If you see this, you was a great staff member! wish you wouldn't left. You was always a Active Staff member, and I liked that about you
@Aspectual: You will always be Asexual lool
@virek: If you see this, you are a very good builder, and it was sad you left the arch team and Mccities
@Death: You are a great friend, you helped me with my traps and I am thankful for that !
@TorchoTichy: I cant forget about you! You have been so nice to me, you gave me a free set of armor! You are also an underrated player on Mccities.
@Sxlma: You will always be my daughter, no matter what. You are so kind, and so smart. Don't get another bf when I am away lmaoo
@HayJay2004: annoying af, Jk you are pretty cool. I used to kill you a lot.. but now look, you kill me. Hopefullypvp will be better with you
@Tammy: and lastly YOU! You are a GREAT cop! don't let nobody tell you otherwise. I will definitely miss you trying to catch me while wanted.
Hopefully in the near future, you will be promoted to Sr. Police or even chief ! Keep up the great work
@LeeLeeLemon: You are so funny, you made me laugh quite a bit on and off this server. You was my bro, I trusted you, but things went left... I
@ShadyBean: You are GREAT a pvp! keep up the great work, you are also an underrated player on Mccities
@JJJulie: You are the QUEEN of Mccities! I really didn't have anything to say because we wasn't that close, but you are also an underrated player on Mccities
@Aqwa_: You have nice homes... I still wish I could of have that home that sit right infront of Dwimmers Mansion, buts its all cool! lmao
@Dwimmer: YOU was/are the best principal Mccities had! You are so kind, and I told you this day would happen. I miss teaching class, and I would get nervous because you would just watch me, and I didn't want to mess up lol!
@2704patrick: Patrick if you ready this, you are nice and kind! I wish I can see you one last time! You are also an underrated person on Mccities.
Sorry if I missed you, these people have made Mccities fun. Idk why I spent $60 on this server, not worth it.
Ig for the people that didn't like me, and I didn't like you, its because I try to be nice. Yall test people on this server, and act innocent when you get dragged. DONT forget, I will be coming back, just checking on my plots. I hope all of you reading this, if you gotten this far, to stay safe during this pandemic. No I am not giving away my things, nor my homes. They will stay where they are. I hope the Arch team will be great without me, and hopefully the arch team will expand!
I was off the website for 2 days.. and all my favorite players are quitting.. first Patty, Zoom, Ranch, now you- This is insane!


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Jay, your dedication inspires me. I appreciate the amazing kindness that you show to everyone. Good luck in the future man, I'm sure you'll go far.


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me too omg i was wondering if u would recognize me it has been fun omg! its ok that u didnt mention me in ur long credits post im not hurt no no not at all *wipes tear*
Omg I am so sorry ! I haven't seen you on in a while... I wasn't thinking … soz : (