Accepted I'm sooo sorry D:

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Apr 29, 2017
Banned By:Console
In Game Ban Reason:VPN Usage
Forum Ban Reason:Lying to make people hate Kiri
Why I should be unbanned: Look Kiri I am really sorry about what I did I promise I will stop if you accept this. I really want to come back and try to become a less toxic player. When I used a VPN I was just lying. I don't know why I tried to lie.
Also when I tried to make people hate Kiri it was just because I found a community and they really despised you and I stupidly decided to listen to them and tried to make people hate you. If you accept me idc if you reset my balance plots and everything else. I have constantly read the rules to understand what is allowed and what isn't. I get what I did was wrong but I want a chance to restart on the server.
Why I should be unbanned in the game:
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