Accepted Im sorry ://// (Ban Appeal)

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Jun 12, 2018
Cali ;)
Whoops didnt follow the format my apologies

IGN: EmileeJc
Reason: Refusing to take down inappropriate
Proof?: In regards to solid proof I don't have any. But give me a chance to plead my case ;-; . I would like to start out by saying I was never told flat out to remove the book , and upon that request I want to assure you the book would have been Immediately removed as its never my intention to flat out disrespect and ignore a staff member. I was never told the book was inappropriate and asked to remove it , sundae22 said if the book is inappropriate then take it down , I responded to her and said No its not inappropriate and heard nothing further and assumed it was all good. I never saw any other messages from anyone so I presumed I was good to go , if I was asked and did not respond my sincere apologies I didnt mean to cause a problem. I really enjoy this server and don't want to ruin it for myself or ruin the experience for others ^.^ If possible I would love to be unbanned or perhaps a lower ban time :) I have some fun things planned on the server I can't wait to get started.
Not open for further replies.