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May 16, 2018
Minecraft username:CreepCrafterHD
Banned by:LeanneTheUnicorn
Reason for ban:Griefing

The time when I had dismantled my house, I did not know that one should not do that. I thought if I buy a plot I‘m free to destroy and build on it. Actually it was my second house that I built in the wrong mode and you called me a griefer, but to this time I didn‘t know why. I was surprised myself to be called as a griefer. I thought a griefer is someone who intends to destroy other peoples things. But I just like to build and be constructive. It was a misunderstanding of the term to that time from me. Then I thought something must be wrong here, but I didn‘t know what. I should have asked you „why do you call me a griefer“. It would have explain the whole situation. Instead I tried to contact you about the city standards, because I thought this would make clear what is wrong. So I was still not thinking of doing anything wrong, because there was no negative feedback to my questions about city standards. I really didn‘t realise to this time that „to grief“ relates on something on the procedure between survival and creative mode, I thought it‘s a kind of warning not to destroy someone else‘s property. If I know this before, I wouldn‘t have do it. Only when I got help shortly before I was banished, I realised the rule about creative mode and survival mode. I did not intend to violate the rules. It was bad luck misunderstanding the term „ to grief“ , because it led to confusion about understanding the procedure on the server.

I‘m sorry, I didn‘t know that yet. :(
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