Introducing Crates! **CRATE KEY GIVEAWAY**

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Hello, players of McCities!
We're introducing loot-filled crates to provide a way to pick up randomized content at large discounts. There will be two crates available at all times, and one seasonal crate that changes as the year goes by. These crates be can unlocked using crate keys that are purchasable from the store (Currently on sale). To kick off the release of crates, we'll be doing a giveaway! Leave a comment below and five winners will be chosen at random.
Remember, each crate has its own pool of items so be sure to check out the possible winnings below!

Standard Crate $2.00 $1.40 USD
Possible Winnings:
- Rainbow Glass x64
- Rainbow Glass Pane x64
- Rainbow Clay x64
Soulbound Elytra

- Redstone Block Trail
- Blood Rain Trail
- Exotic Mythic
- Repair Token x8

Super Crate $5.00 $3.50 USD
Possible Winnings:
- Legendary Mythic
- Pop and Spell Trail
- Rainbow Block Trail
- Rain Tear Trail
- Smelter's Pickaxe
- Carbonado Edged Capacitor
- Ore Grinder (II)
- Firestick

Seasonal Crate: Summer (Theme Subject to Change!) $2.50 $1.70 USD
Possible Winnings:
Summer Rank Ticket
- Multi-Colored Wool Shooter
- Explosive Bow
- Summer Ice Stick
- Flame Trail
- Totem Trail


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.