IMPORTANT Island Opportunity

Calling all McCitizens...

We're creating the opportunity for select players to manage the following island
- Austrum
This role will require you to put together a team (or if you prefer to work alone, include detailed reasoning and how you plan to accomplish tasks) to modernize the island.
Some of the criteria required for applying:
- 20 days of /ar time (Your chosen teammates don't necessarily have to meet this)
- A detailed plan on what you plan to accomplish
- A reasonable deadline (If you fail to make this, the island and its assets may be stripped from your team at any time)
What will be expected for the project:
- Will have to be modern themed. No fantasy/sci-fi themes.
- Must have some sort of town/city hall
- Public homes for players, we will not region mansion plots for private use
Note that if you win you do NOT OWN but you will have control over the majority of decisions made regarding the island. Propose your island teams and ideas below this thread.

The due date for proposals is February 15. The most viable plans will be cast into a vote shortly after the deadline.



Dec 28, 2019
Oh.. not if many people work on it. and by the way.. I think a cafeteria section would be a good idea as well. Same prices as mcdonalds? Just buy loads of burgers from mcdonalds and go to the arena to set up chestshops that sell the burgers for the same prices?
I like that idea : )
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