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May 29, 2018
United States
Username: 4_Ply
Banned by: Sundae22
Reason: Continuous Harrassment 7 days

Defense: I know this is wasted effort but as long as I'm allowed to make an appeal, I will ;D

I will not argue against the fact that I was harassing the players Gjegevey and 5x16. The only thing I will try to fight is the duration. If they personally contacted staff and reported me directly, then I do believe the 7 day duration is warranted. However I have always been under the impression that Ginny and Gjegevey didn't really get effected by how I treat them because my opinions and remarks towards them carry no weight in their eyes. To them I'm just a npc like Jose at mcdonalds. I think I deserve to have my ban reduced to 6.9 days if the players I was harassing did not personally ask for protection from staff. I love you Ginny, and I love you even more mom I hope you 2 will forgive me ;((
Not open for further replies.