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Mar 12, 2018
Minecraft username: LeafyIsAwkward (My username is Crevel but I'm writing this for my girlfriend since she doesn't have time to do it :p)
Staff that banned you: @Graphic_elf
Reason for ban: Ban Evasion
Proof against the ban:

My girlfriend was banned shortly after by Graphic_elf when this person who I assume was the actual alt of the person who was banned asked my girlfriend to do that command for 200k. I don't know who the original player was but I did see the other day some things about that type of ad causing some trouble. I believe that this is just a simple misunderstanding and that Graphic was trying to do some quick thinking on their feet but didn't realise that they banned the wrong person. I don't know which staff members can do it but you should probably check the IPs of that player who told my girlfriend to say it and whoever was suspected of ban evading. My girlfriend was banned for about a week which is very inconvenient for us since we usually spend some of our free time on this server (Sorry for the little bit of "sucking up" but we would really appreciate if you look over her ban and sort it out for us.)

PS: The day was the 12th of the March; and the timezone is in EST if you need to do /co l to check the logs.
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