McCities Build Competition


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Hello, I'm happy to announce that i'll be hosting a build competition for the players in our community (excluding Architects & Staff members)

The area the build will be placed on is an Mountain-Secluded side and it's a beautiful view, the plot dimensions are 49x45 and it could be any type of build design (as long as it fits the area being placed on it) since it's kinda separated from other surrounding builds.

You get to
custom name the region (keep it appropriate)
The region will be
all yours, of course

Included Rules:
It needs to have exterior and interior, the build should not look halfway done or empty
Build needs to be built in creative
It has to meet city standards (shouldn't be a huge skyscraper)
You can build the house with a friend, yet only one person can enter it (meaning they'll own the plot if they won)
Has to be on a flat plot
Needs to be on a 49x45 plot. Any bigger builds will be disqualified.
You can enter with a past build, but it needs to have been built yourself

The Competition will end on February 4 (3 weeks from now) click here to enter, builds after that will be auto-disqualified

Good Luck and Have Fun! :D