McCities Secret Santa!

Merry Christmas!

This year we are playing Secret Santa again, and unlike last year we are adding some new features that you’ll see in /warp Christmas (when it’s up)

You may /warp Christmas on December 20th, to choose a chest and put down the new and improved [Gift] sign down similar to a lock sign with players name underneath the “[Gift]”. Which you’ll have 4 days to put gifts in and add your Secret Santa’s name on the sign. Preferably later around Christmas, the 25th, is where all players will come down to the warp and look for their names on a gift chest and open it.

Sign up HERE (open)

The google forms will close on Dec.18, so be sure to include your name in the list before then. You will mailed in game your secret santa.

(thanks for the gif Bpacer)



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Jan 18, 2016
@IIAriusII what exactly is different about the gift sign
Just allows the person gifting and the person who is being gifted to open the chest

Oh wait I forgot one thing, can the like collect your presents thing be extended until New Years or New Year’s Eve
yes, it'll be available to make sure everyone can collect their present.