Accepted McWolf's Ban Appeal

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Oct 15, 2015
My brother and I (CantAim_) were both banned 2 years ago. We made a stupid mistake for flooding the top floor of an apartment building and today were just reminiscing about how much fun it was playing McCities. Whether it was growing all the different slimefun fruit or even hiding guns under the flooring in an apartment we had so much fun on that server. I don't believe we were wrongly banned, (while I do think a perm ban was a bit harsh as it was just griefing) but I do think that we have matured so much and really want to play on this amazing server again.

Minecraft Username: McWolf (this is kind of a ban appeal for CantAim_ as well because we were banned for the same reason, but I don't know if you would do it that way)
Staff that banned you: Tiga3299
Reason for ban: Griefing
Proof Again Ban: I don't have proof that I didn't do this but I will say that we have both matured 100% and what we did was wrong but it was just mistake without any warning. We just got online one day, or at least attempted to and we were banned. While I do not think griefing needs a warning I do think that it was too harsh a punishment and while I'm not defending our actions I will say that technically we did own the apartment we flooded. So please reconsider, this was two years ago and I'm ready to play on what at one point was my favorite server, I even bought a rank on there. Thank you.
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