Denied My ban appeal ( I'm so sorry)

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Apr 4, 2018
Hey. My name is CentenarioX. I was recently banned from the wonderful server because of tp killing. I didn't know it was ban able and even if it wasn't't I now realize that it wasn't right of me to do this and I am very sorry. I wanted to tell you that I have learned from my mistakes and plan on never doing it again and thats a promise. I wanted to appeal because I genuinely love the server and it is the only way I can contact my closest MC friends, SpencerandCole, Palomatree101, Lenard_mccoy, and many others. I hope you can forgive me for my poor decisions (which I now completely and utterly regret) and appeal my ban. Thanks, CentenarioX

Minecraft username: CentenarioX
Banned by: Powerfull
Reason: Tpa killing (sorry :()
The proof or reasoning behind my point of view is listed above
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Feb 18, 2017
Not knowing about a rule is not a suffice reason to be unbanned. Check the rules out here, on the forums, or do /rules in game to go there. Tp killing for no real reason is not allowed under any circumstances, and please make sure to read the rules thouroughly to ensure you do not get another ban for a rule you are not a aware of.
Take this ban time to reflect on your choices.
Appeal denied.
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