My Return

Hello all, im pretty sure a lot of the new players will not remember me as i was last playing and apart of the server around 2 years ago. Back then i was co-owner and helped the server grow from the start to when i had left. But now, speaking with kiri i have decided to come and help out the server again.
The role im taking on this time is more of a communicative role. mainly between staff and players as well as the owners. Along side being active on server and helping those out.
(Also making sure kiri does his job;))
although i have been away for 2 years and will take some time for me to learn im more than willing to put the time in and getting to know you all





Staff member
Jul 21, 2014
Not sure if you remember me but hi, unfortunately I won't come on the server and be super active (because of school). I just look at the mccities now and then to see whats up and I'm surprised you even left the server.... Welcome back i guess ( technically I haven't been on the server for 2-3 years...). I'm sure you will make the server better than before.
MR CHOWW. ofc i remember