IMPORTANT New City Update

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Not so long ago i made a post detailing the idea of a new city. We have already started the project of creating this city but it wouldnt be right to give you guys the plan of how this city is to be laid out and the plan for it so here it is:
The city will have 4 districts. This is to keep things more organised and not everything all over the place. We aim to encourage transport and may be updating/new vehicle plugin to support this.

This district will contain all the housing that is available in the new city. it will then contain 3 somewhat gated communities within it including a cheaper/smaller area a more middle-sized homes and then one for mansions/larger homes.
This is the main area of the city. Its where all the business will go. There will be a designated area for most of the current jobs and where they will be located within the city centre. This will also be a place for new companies to flourish. With that we may have an in-game stock market where you can directly buy shares from npc's and so on. This area will also have apartment complexes which are for rent as cheaper options if those cannot afford a house and want to live in the new city.
As in the current city the blackmarket isnt being used to its greatest potential. So we deiced to have an entire area dedicated to all the shady business be that drugs, weapons dealing and any sorts of robberies of stores and murder. This entire area will have its own separate aesthetic compared to the rest of the modern city. It will be rundown with shattered buildings, broken apartments to meet the vibe of the area.
This area is yet to be decided but this is more of a place where players will go to interact with players, we may add some small minigames players can partake in and have attractions for players to visit like rollercoasters and its own themepark.

If you do have any questions or concerns please just leave them down below!
Thank you as always


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.