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Jun 12, 2018
Cali ;)
Hi, I logged on and discovered that I was banned, I would not care if I know this was deserved but I don't believe it was.

I was banned for "Refusing to take down inappropriate book" . The books written were in no way inappropriate and I was not seeking to cause a problem, I thought it was funny and would of with no issue taken them down right away if I had known the staff had wanted them taken down. I had no warning, a mod said if thats inappropriate then take it down. I answered that no they aren't inappropriate, and heard nothing further .

I would really like being unbanned or having a lower ban time? I mean 7 days is extensive I feel. I would also like to apologize for causing an issue and it won't happen again . Its never my intent to flat out ignore a staff member :laugh::laugh: - Emilee ^.^
Not open for further replies.