IMPORTANT Plugin Changes

Hello fellow players,
As most of you are aware we are experiencing a lot of lag and a way to change this is to remove and change some plugins we have so far:
- Changed the voting plugin which has helped drastically.(the reasons why everyones vote were reset)
- We will be removing the Auction plugin as well on the 12th of May this weekend. (we may add a replacement depending on feedback, remove items from auction so they dont get lost)

Thank you for your feedback as always.



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Jun 1, 2018
I think it is because library is not causing the lagg, but ah is? If it was that simple I am sure they would keep /ah
Regardless it doesnt justify the removal of the only plugin which can guarantee safe trade, like pengy said. Just creates more work for staff that have to deal with the boulder as it were of court cases that will come rolling in faster than chamillionare.