Police Guide May 2019

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Mar 18, 2017
Message from the minister
Thank you for viewing the guide! This guide should be read through before applying for police officer. The police force has some changes including officers will now get paid based on their ranks. Police should be active so if you are not active and you apply your chances will be very low. Please stay active if you are going to apply. Good luck!

Police guide/City laws


  • Assault - 3+ hits with a fist/item (not weapon) is assault. 1+ hits with a weapon/an item that has a weapon enchant is also assault. Bail - $250
  • Eggs, snowballs and fishing rod use is not jail-able unless the person is using them a lot to annoy other players! You must actually be combat tagged by the snowballs, or fishing rods to be counted as assault (Assault charge)

  • Murder - The bail price for murder depends on the amount of murders- check this with /incidents [player]
  • 1-5 kills » $1000
  • 6-10 kills » $1,500
  • 11-15 kills » $2,000
  • 16-20 kills » $2,500
  • 21-25+ kills » $3,000

If someone got murdered because he/she tried to escape combat, you may NOT jail the murderer. (It means that the player disconnected while being in combat and died because of that).

A person has to state that is is friendly, and with who they are fighting with, before a murder takes place if it is friendly pvp, otherwise cops have a right to jail the player who murdered.

Note: You only jail for murders in the past 30 mins, however you ALWAYS count the /incidents to determine the bail price. The incidents are reset every server restart.

Trespassing - You must ask whoever is trespassing to leave the property once before jailing. This is the only time you can teleport to a player, because you are asking them to leave and giving them an actual chance. If the trespasser stands on the edge or close to the plot and continues to go onto the plot when you leave, bother the player, you can jail for continuous trespassing, Bail - $750
Not showing up to court - If you are called for a trial, you will be jailed. Bail - $20,000 + Crime Bail
You might as well show up since the bail won’t be that high!

Selling of licenses by Non-police - if you see a player advertising to another player that they are selling gun licenses, and see a fake license in their inventories, then you can jail. If someone hands over a fake license when using a gun, then jail them for illegal guns and for using fake licenses, and dispose of the fake license. Bail for selling fake licenses- $5000. Bail for using fake license- $1,000

Illegal guns (Using a gun without a license) - If someone is found using a gun without a license, ask for the gun, or ask them to purchase a license. If they don't, jail them. The bail price is the price of the most expensive gun in their inventory. If there is a disabled gun, you cannot jail for it. Disabled guns are any guns that are not in the list below.
Normal gun prices are:

Gauss » $20,000

Assault Rifle » $10,000

Shotgun » $15,000

Pistol » $3,500

Rifle » $7,500

Sniper » $15,000

Brining guns into /warp school: You are not allowed to bring any type of guns (including gauss) into the school. Bail 250

Possession of drugs - Use /invsee if somebody mentions the use/possession of drugs (Never /invsee people randomly. You must have a good cause and reasonable suspicion to do it to someone). If found with drugs, jail them.
Bail prices are (same as murder):

1-5 drugs » $500

6-10 drugs » $1,000

11-15 drugs » $1,500

16-20 drugs » $2,000

21-25+ drugs » $2,500

The following is classified as drugs:
Weed(s) (Weed, FireWeed, DocWeed, etc)
Magical sugar:
Smoking pipes (you can only jail if the smoking pipes are with other drugs you can smoke in the inventory you cannot jail just for a smoking pipe)

Bank Robbery - Attempting to rob the bank OR getting away with a bank robbery. Bail 1K if the person failed, bail 10K if the person successfully robbed the bank. You can use night vision in the bank maze, but invisibility is not allowed. (CURRENTLY NOT A LAW SINCE BANK ROBBING IS DISABLED)
All crimes stack up if the 20 minute mark did not pass! (except murder and assault, both of these crimes do not stack up together.)

Attacks on Police- If an assault takes place on a police officer an extra $250 will be added to the regular $250 assault bail. If a police officer is murdered add $500 on to the regular murder bail.

30 minute mark:

30 minutes after the crime happened you are NOT allowed to catch the player anymore and you have to let him go. You are expected to know what time the mark will pass when you are chasing a criminal. It is fine if it is a few minutes exceeding the 30 min mark, but if you suspect it of being over 30 minutes then don’t catch the player anymore.

One cop one player rule
Only one cop can go after a player who has committed a crime. No more 3 cops going after 1 player.

Bail format:

(player) jailed for (crime), bail (bail).

Used to tell players in chat their bail after they got jailed.

Note: /Back IS allowed if you died from murder and you wish to hail the murderer. /Back is not allowed IF you warp away, go /back, and jail. That is cheating.

Gun Licenses:

Gun licenses can be bought from Sr. Police Officers, the Chief of Police, and Minister of Security.

Special S1 license is for guns like the Gauss, that are over powered and limited. These are not included in the multi licence.

The multi license will allow you to use pistols, assault rifles, rifles, shotguns and snipers.

Gun license prices:

Small licence » $5,000

Medium licence » $8,000

Heavy licence » $12,000

Special S1 license: $6,500

Multi license: $20,000

The old licenses are still valid, but won't be written anymore.

In case you catch someone with an old license, the old system used to have a different license for each type of gun.

Gun license format:

Title of book:

SGL [name] for small gun license

MGL [name] for medium gun license

HGL [name] for heavy gun license

Multi [name] for multi gun license

S1 [name] for special S1 gun lisence

If the name does not fit in, then do an abbreviation, or don't put the name at all.

Inside of book:

(Type of license) - I, (police's name), give (their name) permission to use the (gun type, all expect special if multi.) in the wild for good purposes only.

Selling guns:

Guns and ammo can be bought from Sr. Police Officers, the Chief of Police, and Minister of Security. Secret word: Taco Turtle. The tax on all gun and ammo will be a 10% increase. To work it out, here is an example:

Assault rifles regular price is $10,000, you then do 10,000 x 1.1 = $11,000. $11,000 is the new price with added tax that the player pays for.

Use of Unfair advantages:

Police have to be using the same unfair advantage as the criminal. So if a criminal is using slime leggings, the police officer has to use slime leggings.

Police can use multi tools if a player is shooting at them with a bow or gun.


Communication is very important to keep the force organized. The force has a group chat to talk with each other. It's a job for the chief to divide the jobs. The officers are expected to do this themselves when the chief is not online. In case the chief is not there, you can set one of the officers as the 'leader' who will divide jobs, or you can just talk together. See what works for you.
You are now, officially REQUIRED to have a discord in order to communicate with the rest of the force.

Use this format to avoid getting a mess and tell a cop who to jail and for what, use it in the police chat:

(cop) jail (player) for (crime)

Example: JummyCake jail Nibble for murder and drugs.

Night vision is also considered as an unfair advantage. When someone is using it, you can use night vision as well, but not any other unfair advantages.
You may not use /fly to catch criminals. Criminals aren't allowed to use /fly either, when a cop is trying to arrest them. If they continue to use /fly to escape a police officer, please tell a staff member/Minister of Security. [Warning]

You may use /fly or an unfair advantage until you are 100 blocks close to the criminal, afterwards, you need to walk all the way over to the criminal. [Warning]

Do not Tp jail! Tp jailing is when you teleport to a player near the criminal, and jail them (if the crime happened after you Tp'ed you can jail). [Warning]

Do not Tp to someone and set a home there and use that home to jail people! That is still considered a Tp jail! Even if you have set that home long ago! You have to get to that point yourself and not by Tp'ing to someone else or using a /home! [Warning]

DO NOT jail anyone in wild! The wild world (not Cayman wild or Newcity wild) has no laws at all! Only server rules apply in the wild world! [Warning]

Refrain from killing anyone in wild unless they attack you first! It looks bad for the police force when they kill people, even in the wild. [Warning]

You cannot believe people if they just tell you "this guy has assaulted me" and you did not see it. [Warning]

Do not sell police armour/ batons [Demotion & ban]

Jailing people without purpose. [Demotion & ban]

Do not abuse /invsee. [Demotion]

Do not Catch a criminal beyond the 20-minute mark. (Don't worry if you accidentally catch a player a little beyond the mark) [Warning]

If someone does not get sent to jail, report it to staff. If you spam the jail stick, this is strictly prohibited. [Demotion]

If there are any glitches with the police system, report to staff/ Minister of Security. [Demotion]

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Mar 18, 2017
Warning system:

You can get warned for breaking the police rules. Reaching the maximum of 2-3 warnings will result in a demotion. However, the Minister is entitled to demote anyone at any time for another reason.

Police Commands:

  • /duty - Gives you items used for catching criminals. Make sure to not have a full inventory when using /duty, as armour can be ‘swallowed up’,

  • /invsee %player% - Checks a player's inventory. Only use this if someone is suspected of illegal guns

  • /getpos %player% - Get the coordinates of a player

  • /co i - Used to see who has taken/added what to a chest, only use this for police work

  • /release %player% - Used to release those who have paid the charges of their crime

  • /incidents %player% - Used to determine the bail price for those who was jailed for murder

  • /free %player% - Used to give back a player's reputation when he/she got falsely jailed

  • /pc [message] - used to send a single message into police chat

  • /pctoggle - to toggle the police chat (like using /gl or /l)

  • /police tp - Used to teleport within 300-400 blocks of the person you are tracking

  • /ec or /enderchest - Used to gain access to your enderchest when transferring items such as multitools and slime leggings in & out of duty. Do NOT use this for armour or the baton.

  • Citizen rank+ (view this by doing /ranks in game)

  • Not known as a criminal (Not less then -50 reputation, do /rep in game)

  • Follows the rules here
Getting banned for breaking any of the general server rules results in an instant demotion from your rank.


If you do not get a response on your application within a week you are denied. You can apply once a week. If you reapply in less than a week, your application will be denied along with any other applications you send in.

If you decide to spam, question or ask about your application then you have a decreased chance of being accepted, the Minister will get back to you only if accepted.

If you feel something should be added to this, please feel free to message me on the website or in game about it!

Thank you and good luck applying!


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Mar 18, 2017
This post is for all the rules that are being updated changed.

New rule on pumpkin heads: Police if they see a player with a pumpkin head will ask the player once if that’s them. If you refuse to respond the police officer reserves the right to jail you. (You still be released if you are not the person they’re looking for)

Attacks on Police- If an assault takes place on a police officer an extra $250 will be added to the regular $250 assault bail. If a police officer is murdered add $500 on to the regular murder bail.

For balance changes, cops can now use any advantage that a criminal can use, ONLY if the criminal you are chasing right now is using them. For example cops can now use magic sugar against magic sugar users, or grappling hook against grappling hook. But no using grappling hook against slime legs or slime boots or magic sugar.

Only one police officer can be after a player at a time. However, I know this can be hard for police in the bank vault since you don’t know where the person is. This applies in things like if someone murdered someone, drugs, assaults, etc. This will be removed if players cannot handle this.

Police are not allowed to use multi tools anymore if the player is just using slime boots. However, police can still use them with other slime fun advantages and other advantages including slime leggings.

Police can use a multi tool against bows and guns

Mult tools and spooky sticks- Police can use a multi tool if you’re using a floating spooky stick.
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