[Bulletin] September 2022

Hello everyone! We’ll be trying out a new monthly announcement system to better keep you guys informed on what is being worked on and what’s to come.

Your Suggestions!

These are suggestions that have been made in the last month that are now under consideration. We’ll be testing out how to make these features available and next month’s post will relay the status of where we are at with them. Thank you all for your thoughts and input.​

  • Suggestions from multiple users: New perks for ranks || New Cars || More Side Robberies

  • Yhia suggested: functional airport(s)

  • Yaoke suggested: Baby Foxes added to the pet shop

  • nVar suggested: Giving miners the ability to have ores directly put in their inventories instead of dropping on the floor || Increasing /vote rewards & better marketing

  • arcaes & Yaoke suggested: Functional use for drugs other than roleplay + a sell option

In Progress

  • Condensing warps and redoing the Cayman map. Your homes may end up being rearranged with no notice but still be in the general area it was originally. If you own a home in Golden Oaks or Blumont and wish to sell it back to the server please reach out to a staff member

  • New Teacher system to be more self reliant. The goal is to have it so teachers can teach on a time interval on their own schedule.

  • Seasonal Crates & Prizes. Will try to be keeping prize special items more “City” relevant and have less of a fantasy element as they have in the past. Some past items will also make a come back once in a while though!

  • Seasonal Recipe Changes for brewing and crafting.

  • Creative world changes for normal players

  • Housing overhaul: Will be more vigilant with houses that do not meet the standards of the city and fixing up neighborhoods that are long overdue for a revamp.

As changes are made we’ll be posting them in the #change-log channel in the discord so stay tuned.​



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Oct 28, 2023
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