IMPORTANT Server Event: Hunger Games Round Two

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Welcome to Round 2 of the Mccities Hunger Games!

This will take place on 1/11/20 with up to 20 players competing for the grand prize and up to 2 rounds. The first 20 players who register are the 20 that compete; however if you are unable to make it on the posted time another player fills in your spot. First come first serve. There will be a 15 minutes lock-in window to get in on the day of the event. If absent, your spot will be taken by the next available player.

This event will be slightly different from its first iteration. We will be hosting three rounds in total. A round of 20, a round of 10, and a round of 5. Only the highest seeds in each round can progress so make sure to try your best! Each round will have a separate item spread with the quality of items becoming better as the event goes on.
Note: Map is subject to change per round

1st Place - $75 (Store Credit or Amazon Gift Card)
2nd Place - $50 (Store Credit or Amazon Gift Card)
3rd Place- $25 (Store Credit or Amazon Gift Card)

Rules of the game: -You may not use ANY commands in the arena unless given permission by Staff -You may NOT carry any items from outside of the arena with you. We will be able to check if your inventory is empty and you will be punished when trying to bring outside items within the arena. -You may NOT return to the arena after you have been killed

Rules while in Game:
-You are allowed to team up inside the arena, but only the last person standing wins.
-Flying, teleporting, healing or feeding is not allowed in the arena.
-While in the Arena all the other rules of McCities still apply, make sure to follow these at all times.
-Any player that is not present in the arena will be able to donate for the players within the arena. All donations must be done before the match has started. No participants may spend donate. (Including dead players)

Prices below are subject to change:

Round of 20 Donation items - 150k Spending Limit:
-10 Bread (15k)
-5 Bandage (30k)
-Speed, Jump or Night Vision potion (All level 1) + (35k)
-Leather Armour 50k (except Chestplate)
-Chain armor or Leather chest plate 90k (All chain except Chestplate)
-Chain Chestplate and a Stone sword for (115k)

Round of 10 Donation items - 500k Spending Limit:
- 30 Steak (50k)
- 25 Bandages (65k)
- Speed 2 Potion (90k)
- Jump 2 Potion (90k)
- Night Vision Potion (50k)
- Iron Armor [Excluding Chest Plate] (150k)
- Diamond Chest Plate (125k)
- Iron Sword or Axe (100k)
- Grappling Hook (70k)

Round of 5 Donation Items - 800k Spending Limit:
- 64 Tiramisu (75k)
- Mythic Iron Sword [4 Unslotted Spaces] (200k)
- Slime Leggings (150k)
- Slime Boots (125k)
- 15 Steroids (95k)
- Diamond Armor [Excluding Chestplate] (250k)
- 15 Vitamins (115k)

Register Here:
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