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Jan 18, 2016
General Rules [Server, Forums, and Discord]

DDoS & Related
- DoSing, flooding or any kind of attacks against MCCities or its players are prohibited. [Permanent IP ban]

- No leaking or posting personal information (Those not easily found) of a member without their or an owner's prior permission. [Permanent ban]

- Threatening any MCCities player to DoS, blackmail, hack or similar attacks is prohibited, even under the manner of joking. [1 Month - Permanent Ban]

Ban evasion
Logging into another account while an account under your ip is banned. [Permanent ban on your alternate account]

- No selling or trading of Minecraft accounts on any platform related to McCities [Permanent ban]

- No selling of in-game items or any kind of perks to others for real money [Permanent ban]

Disobeying staff instructions
- If you are given an instruction by a staff member, you are to follow them. Just because they are a helper or moderator does not make the situation better. [7 Days ban - Permanent Ban]

Requesting staff assistance
- Do not order or tell staff member, whether on the forums or server, what to do or spam them with the same request either. They will assist with how and when they see fit. [Warning - Mute - Ban]

Discussion of offensive topics
Discussing a topic that may offend anyone. This includes Racial, Homophobic Slurs or Nazi references. [7 Days ban - Permanent Ban]

- No impersonation of staff members, even outside the borders of the server. [Permanent Ban]

Staff Disrespect
- No disrespecting staff members in any manner (as in insulting, indirect cussing or related). [3 Days ban]

- By purchasing any package on the store you agree to our Terms and Conditions, which means charging back your payment will lead to instant permanent IP ban.

Server Disrespect
- No disrespecting of McCities [Permanent ban]

- No requesting to become a staff member, ordering staff members to take action or related. [1 Day - 3 Days ban]

- No trolling or wasting time of staff members. [3 Days ban]

Inappropriate Content
- No inappropriate images or website, keep it friendly. [3 Days ban]

- Asking or spamming others for anything, including cash, items or properties is not allowed. [Warning - Mute]

Server Chat Rules

General nuisance
- No spamming and/or bypassing swear filter [Warning - 1 Day ban]

- No speaking any other language than English in global chat [Warning - Mute]

Messages containing caps
- No messages with all caps, and you can't capitalize more than one word in your sentence [Warning - Mute]

Advertising a server, or a service unrelated to MCCities is not allowed (Includes indirect advertising, such as quoting or repeating) [Permanent Ban]

- No any form of harassment that is meant to offend another, even in private messages. Keep the chats PG. Any discussion of adult material is not allowed either. [3 Days - 7 Days - Permanent Ban]

Abuse of color chat
Color chat should only be used for announcements or news you have regarding your shop/business. Do not misuse it. [3 Hours - 1 Day - 3 days ban]

- No usage of curse or swear words include all languages. No bypassing of filtered words either. [Mute - 3 Days ban]

- No spamming of the same message over and over and this includes character spam. [Warning - Mute]

Ad command
- No misuse of the /ad command, it can only be used when advertising or announcing the opening of a business or similar. [Mute - 1 Day ban]

Server Gameplay Rules

Bugs/Glitch abuse
- No exploitation of Bugs/Glitches within the server. If you find a bug, report it immediately. [Permanent ban]

Any form of Griefing within the city is strictly prohibited. Griefing may entail breaking down a decent house prior to building a replacement in creative to transfer or stealing and breaking items in regions you are added to. [Permanent ban]

- Any client modification, or mod in which it gives its user an unfair advantage that others don't have is not allowed (Like signaling the location of nearby players/entities). However, mods that show items such as armor durability or direction is allowed.

- Any form of modified clients that give unfair advantages over other players (Includes radars to show players, transparent texture packs and similar) are prohibited [Permanent ban]

Newbie harassment
- Constantly killing or harassing newbies is not allowed. Don't kill newbies that do not cause any harm to you. [2 Day ban]

Auto farming - Pumpkins/Melons/whatever
No automatic farming methods that automatically farm for you while being AFK. [Balance wipe and 2 days ban]

Teleport killing
No teleporting to, or asking a player to teleport to or nearby you so you could kill them. [3 Days - 7 Days - Permanent ban]

Transferring money to rank up
No transferring money to another player so they would rank up [Balance reset for both players]

Abuse of not fairly priced regions
- No purchasing regions that are being sold for absurdly low prices, such as 0$ or 1,000$ [Region taken away + partial balance reset - Permanent ban]

- No Pvping while using fly. You may not use it to chase players without fly either. Use it fairly. [2 Day ban - 5 Day ban - Fly permission revoked]

Revoke of Assets for Banned Players
- If an abusive offense is seemed worthy, server owners have the right to revoke any of the player's assets (properties, items, etc). This includes reselling or keeping a permanently banned player's asset. If a player were to be unbanned after their asset(s) were, or in the process of being revoked, they are not entitled to those assets any longer.

- No begging or asking for reputation from other players, whether in public or private chats. No selling or trading of it either. Giving yourself reputation using alt accounts is not allowed either. [Reputation reset - Ban]

- Each individual, household, or farm is limited to 7 androids. This means that if you share a farm with other people, you are still limited to 7 androids throughout the whole farm. The android limitation applies to everyone in your household meaning the total android throughout everyone in your house should total to the maximum of 7.
[Eco Wipe - Ban]

Property Limit
- You are only allowed to own the max amount of property allowed on one account (Normally 20, 30 if you are a realtor). The only exception to this rule is if you are an island owner, and you are using an alternate account to bypass the max amount of regions prior to selling the island plots.
[Partial Property Wipe - Temp Ban & Previous punishments]

Job Limit
- You are only allowed two jobs at once. The job limit is there for a reason. Architects and police don't count as a "job".
[Warning - Job wipe - 3 day ban]

Bypassing AFK Kick
- Bypassing the afk kick through the use of items such as an afk pool, macro, key weighing, and others is prohibited.
[7 day ban - 14 day ban - 30 day ban - permanent ban - Each of the punishments can result in an eco wipe]

Server rules are subject to change without prior notice, checking once in a while is advised.

Offenses and their punishments set above are a default template, if seen appropriate by server staff, punishments and their duration may be changed or added as seen fit.

Although we have tried to cover most of the rules and their punishments above, common sense still seems to lack. Server owners reserve the right to mute, ban or kick (Vice versa applies) for any reason.

For our Terms and Rules,
If you feel you have been unfairly banned, create a ban appeal and it will be reviewed and processed by the staff team.​
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