So this time is final


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Hey! So I want to make this short and clear. This is the time I am quitting the server, well I already have. And this one is legit and real. There might be times once every other month or so that I pop on the server for a min or so just to see how everyone online is doing. The main reasons for this is that I have really felt that i don’t feel any good things have been happening with me playing this server and don’t see me playing it anymore. I also have asked a girl irl out as of this message via Instagram private messages, waiting for her to reply... but if you ever want to talk to me, dm me on discord @ Fleetari Wolf#0001. I will also be staying in the discord server. From here on out, with me most likely getting a girlfriend that I dmed on Instagram an amazing message asking her out, my irl life will be more busy and also busy working on things for other games I play which will be worked on slowly.

thank you all for supporting me and giving me a great experience on this server! I would like to ask that any of you that have images with me in them to dm them to me on discord as I want to make a memory video for my YouTube channel.