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Jul 31, 2014
This is the format for applying to become staff. Read it carefully. Those who don't meet the minimum requirements will be rejected automatically.

Duties of a Helper:
- Moderate the server chat, uphold chat regulations and deal with rule breakers.
- Assist players whenever possible, whether it be on the server's chat, forums or Discord.

Requirements to apply:
- Must be well aware of the server's rules and be willing to enforce them.
- Must be active.
- Must have a Discord account for communication.
- Must be willing to dedicate time to helping players when possible.
- Must be mature and professional.
- Must have shown the willingness to help before applying.
- At least 5 days of total playtime on the server.

What are the benefits of becoming staff:
- Community respect
- Helper tag in-game, forums and the Discord channel.
- Moderation permissions
- Ability to reach, and discuss matters with server owners.
- Communication and receiving the proper skills training

Application Format:

Your in-game name: (Your in-game name)
Your age: (Please don't lie about it)
Availability: (How many hours are you available on weekends & weekdays? Please specify if you have school/college too)
What makes you a better choice than other candidates: (An explanation as to why we should choose you)
Why are you applying for staff: (Your motivation for becoming staff and assisting players)

To apply, use the format above and create a thread HERE.
Applications posted in the Staff Applications section are only viewable by the poster and the staff team.
Be realistic and honest with your answers.

Best of luck,
Coban - Staff Administrator
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