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Mar 22, 2017
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Hello, everyone! Due to the recent release of /warp stock, and the growing interest in stocks the last 5 minutes has shown, and the intense questions getting asked, I have decided to make a guide on the plugin. Here you will find out many different things, like HOW a stock works, WHAT a stock is, and HOW it relates to your in game experience! I have also included some FAQ's that should help you have a smooth experience working with the plugin.

How A Stock Works and What it is:

Googles Definition: The capital raised by a business or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares

This means: By buying a stock, you are literally buying a PART of the company from whom you are purchasing the stock. Say I buy a stock from Amazon: This means I am purchasing a part of Amazon's company. I pay a certain amount to buy this share in the company, and by doing this, I will earn/lose based on the company and how well it does. If amazon has a sudden drop in its income/profits, the stock value of a single stock could drop. If it does well, the value of the stock may rise.

How the Stocks Relate to your in Game Experience:

The stock plugin mimics real life stocks. This means, if amazon stock is doing well in real life, it will make you money in game, should you decide to sell your stocks.

Some Stock Plugin Commands:

/stocks help--- this will pop up a GUI which gives you information about the following commands:

/stocks buy (company symbol) (number of shares)--- this is the command to buy stocks
/stocks sell (company symbol) (number of shares)--- this is the command to sell stocks that you own
/stocks sellall--- sells all of your stocks that you own

/stocks check (company symbol)--- this tells you the amount it is to buy a share in the company at its current value

/stocks popular [or /stocks pop]--- this shows a list of stocks that are either popular among buyers or doing well

/stocks portfolio (name)--- this tells you what stocks either you, or another player, own, and it gives their current value, how much you/they purchased it for, and the number of purchased stocks

Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I find the stock's symbol, and what is a stock's symbol?"--- You can look up the stocks name online by typing in "what is the stock symbol for (company name)"

"How do I know if my stock is doing well or not?"--- I personally would look it up online, I have used Yahoo! Finance, and other sites to see how well a stock is doing. If you see a trend, or steady increase in a company's stock value, you know the company is doing well. Example here: Amazon
You also want to make sure to look at a larger scale view of the graph of the stock's value- a stock can drop percents in one hour, but gain them back in the next hour. In the picture above, the graph of amazon shows the hourly trends- make sure to look at monthly, yearly, or 5 years to see how well the stock actually does.

"Oh, no! My stock just dropped 5%! What do I do now?"--- Don't sweat if your stock drops even up to 5% in an hour, stocks fluctuate a ton. Amazon, which is what I currently own, can drop up to 5% at certain low points in the day.

"How often are stocks updated on the server?"--- It seems stocks are updated every ten minutes.

"Can I give shares of a stock to my friend?"--- Sadly, no, there is no command to do this, but you can always help someone If they need it.

Always remember to BUY LOW, SELL HIGH, with stocks. This means buy when a company's value is lower, and sell when you have made more money. If your stocks keep dropping, you can always make the decision to sell them, even if you lose some money.

Have more questions about the plugin? Always remember you can ask a staff member or other helpful player in chat should you need it! Feel free to contact anyone on the staff team, we're here to help :D


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Oct 14, 2017
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Yeah love this plugin.
Just 1 tip. If you google a company and stocks (like, google stocks)
You get the symbol, price and statistics of the company. Really helpfull to see if you should invest or not.

Maybe for the new players leave a sign there telling there is a guide on the forums before they randomly spend all their money on stocks?