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Jun 19, 2017
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Applying to become a Teacher? Look at this guide for help!

Getting a Classroom
Before classes start, a Principal/VP will assign you a classroom to teach in. If you teach certain topics (such as science, or computer labs), then you will be assigned particular rooms.

Books and Quills
In the classrooms books and quills are required, if you ran out or do not have the book and quills please message the Principal or Vice Principal via discord chat, the server, or mail them.

Handling Students
When students are in their class they must be well behaved. First, give the student a verbal warning and try to your best to make sure they acknowledged your instructions. If the student continues to not behave properly and you require further assistance, please contact the online Principal/VP.

Being a Good Role Model
Your behavior in-game is reflected upon your application. Teachers must not be known for breaking laws/rules, and also generally reputable. If teachers are found being rude in chats, breaking multiple laws, and not doing their jobs correctly, they may be warned/fired. Teachers and Vice Principals are given 2 warnings for bad behavior, and then after will be fired. The Principal can fire at any time with any given reason.

Staying Active as a Teacher
As a teacher, it’s very important to stay active. We expect teachers to be on multiple times a week, and maintain a generally consistent weekly play time. Principals will check teachers /ar time , and inactive teachers will be removed unless a valid was reason given.

If your teacher application is denied you may re-apply again in 2 weeks time. In addition, if there are any requests made on the Principles part, please make sure you meet those requests. If you re-apply in less than a week's time/ask to review your application, your application may automatically be denied.

Good luck with applying!
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