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Jan 28, 2016
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If you are looking to apply as a teacher, please read this guide!

Books and Quills
Books and quills are an essential part of teaching, and are required in every classroom. The principal provides books and quills, so if you need any, please /mail send (principal’s ign) (message). Books and quills provided are not for personal usage.

Getting a Classroom
As a teacher, you teach in the classrooms at /warp school. Classrooms are not assigned, but you will get a new one every time school is to happen.

If you are applying as a teacher, you are required to request 2-3 topics you might want to teach. These topics must be different than the topics already occupied. You can see which topics are already taken at the board in the main lobby at /warp school.

Handling Students
During class, all students must be on topic and under control. If a student is not behaving, send them out of the classroom, or contact the principal. The principal is usually in the classroom, but if they are not, /mail send (principal / vice principal’s ign). In this mail, tell them what the student did wrong.

Being a Good Role Model
As a teacher, you should be responsible, appropriate, and follow the law. We want to set good examples as teachers, and are here to help students. If you are irresponsible, inappropriate, or constantly breaking the law, you will get a warning. Each teacher has two warnings, and then they are demoted.

Staying Active as a Teacher
As a teacher, you should be online at least 5 times a week. If you are not able to get on, let the principal know. When you are online, you should be ready to teach at most given moments. If for any reason you cannot teach, you must tell the principal. Simply not wanting to teach will result in a warning.

As a teacher, you must be a Citizen or higher. Your /ar check time must be two days or higher. If your rank or /ar check time is lower than the requirements, your application will be denied.

If your application is denied, you can reapply in a week. If you reapply in less than a week, your application will be denied along with any other applications you send in.

How you act in-game before you apply plays a big role in deciding if your application will be accepted or not. Remember that the principal and other staff members monitor how players interact and behave. If we see that you are immature, then you will have little to no chance of being accepted. If you are a responsible and mature player, than you will be more likely to become a teacher.

Good luck!
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