Update Update log (5-22-2020)


Staff member
May 10th: Teleport protection is now off following the results of our poll last week. Please be aware that when you tp/warp you will no longer be invincible for a short period of time. Make sure you are careful when tp'ing to players you do not know or trust!

May 12th: A warp has been set for the market event, use /warp market

May 20th: Bank robbery is back up and running, thank you for your patience!

May 22nd: New company plugin, much like our old one but this one works! For now there will be no cost to start companies and make sure to do /company help for a list of commands you can use. My favorite feature allows you to set a company tp (/company set) and a cost for people to tp! Use /company tp (company name) to see costs to tp and /company tp (company name) confirm to tp.

-Company creation and management
-Employee hiring
-Payment from companies to players and other companies
-Wages & dividends paid to employees

Please note: chest shops will be using our existing methods, you will not be able to make company chest shops.

General commands and company owner commands will be attached below