IMPORTANT Valentine's Event & Other Updates

Valentine’s Event

Happy Valentine’s Day McCitizens! We are happy to present McCities first annual Valentine’s Event! This event will include new mechanics and features we hope to establish indefinitely across the server and for future events. To access the event, simple /warp Valentines. There will be 3 NPC's for players to access including "Cupid". This npc will give you 3 daily Love Letters to deliver to "Lonely" npcs that are posted at some warps. Rewards for completing these deliveries will be Tokens of Love that can be redeemable at the Event Shop NPC near Cupid.

Now, on to the rest of the updates.

Hats are back!

We have restored the hat texture pack and will be opening up the hat shop soon, as well as a trade center for you to trade in your old hat items. They will work exactly the same as before with just right-clicking the item to equip. It goes without saying but, please be sure to have the server resource pack enabled!

New Quest System

If you haven’t noticed recently, drug quest formatting has completely changed! We’re using a different plugin altogether that is more configurable and versatile so that we can really get creative with it. If you have already completed the drug quests previously, there is an option at Blackmarket to convert your drug shop permissions over. Please reach out to staff if you have any issues with this.
Once you have started a quest, the dialogue will be pinned to your chat and chat will not move for you until you exit the dialogue. To exit the dialogue, simply shift or select the option to exit using your WASD keys and press the spacebar to “Enter”. Doing /b will give you a quest journal that will explain your current task and progress.

Carnival Rides & Theme Park Coming Soon!

We have added a functional Ferris Wheel ride at /warp caymanpier! There will be a hologram at the base of the ride directing you to right-click the sign to enter. The ride will start after 20 seconds after the first person has been seated, allowing more players to join in. Once the ride has started players are still able to join by clicking the sign. Entry fees are currently waived as we allow players to enjoy rides and provide feedback.

Teacher, Police, and Architect Applications

All applications for these roleplay jobs are open! The school will be opening soon as we work out a schedule that we can publically post for players to have a definite knowledge on when school will be hosted. We are reverting to the system of having players teach their chosen subject for now. We aim to have more roleplay jobs by this summer so stay tuned! Please understand that between work and school some of our instructors and staff members have life obligations before server duties. We appreciate your patience and hope to bring you more features soon.

Thank you to the staff team for working on this new event and volunteering your time to make sure everyone is having fun and making their experiences more enjoyable here on the server. Special thank yous to Yk1998 for assisting with the new features and Tammy for building the event spawn and ride.



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May 7, 2017
Really good job with this update, well done to those involved :)
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