Watch This


Hey Guys! I just thought I would send along this video. It is Some Good News with John Krasinski (Jim Halpert from the Office) for those who do not know. What he is doing is amazing. This is a video about the good news because all we get to watch on the real news is tragic. Click Here to Watch It I think what he is doing to help show support for our first responders is insane. If anyone in your family or anyone one you know is a first responder please reach out to them in any way you can (while maintaining a social distance) and tell them thank you from the bottom of your heart. They are doing so much. My sister is a speech pathologist and goes into retirement homes everyday. While she technically is not a doctor, she is practicing her skills still while risking her own health and the health of other people. So to my sister and anyone else who is working during this pandemic. Even if you are a cashier you still risk so much to make sure the public gets what they need. Thank you. I know everyone playing Minecraft is doing their part social distancing so KEEP IT UP!