Winter Events 2019! [Secret Santa and More!]

Dear players of McCities,

I am happy to announce some of the winter events that will be hosted for the rest of December.

First of all, the traditional Secret Santa! You'll have to enter the Secret Santa event here (the link is now closed) and you'll receive your Secret Santa. The last day for entry is on December 20th, so make sure to be on time!
Presents will be found at /warp Christmas (Opening up on December 20th). A locked chest can be found with the name of your secret Santa. Ask staff in-game for help setting up your present.

Secret Santa isn't the only even this year. Staff members will be hosting small events from time to time for the rest of the month.

Spleef: Lostinthewqrld
Boat Racing: Smilinq
Cook-off: Sundae22 + Empty_exe (make sure to memorize the slimefun guide food recipes, as you will need them for the event)

If you have any suggestions or ideas for events, feel free to start a private conversation with me on forums or discord, JazzGotBlues#6355

Happy Holidays!

creeper lmao.png