Dear MCCities Players,

We are looking for a screenshot of the server that is high resolution (1080p) and large enough in size to use as our website background.
The contest will be held by our staff team, and will be decided upon once we feel it's fair to start picking to give equal chances to the community.


  • 15$ coupon code to our store
  • Having your screenshot on our website :).

Shaders are not a requirement, but however are highly recommended to use.

How to submit:

Add all the administrators (Owners and admins) in a conversation with your submission. (Must upload picture to imgur and give us the link from there, or by using the forum's attachment system, whichever you prefer)

The one background, if any seen best by the staff team will be picked and the reward above will be handed to the submitter.

We wish you best of luck!
IMPORTANT Clarification
> Situation Clearup

We've recently heard about Zain, Aster, and whoever accusing me, Stan and Coban about something we did not do, so I've decided to create this post to clarify anything false they decided to spread about us. Note that this happened over half a year ago, so if you don't know about it, it's nothing to worry about.

First off, no, the server was not scammed nor stolen off them. At first, the server was going to be sold to Aster after he forcefully locked it down in an attempt to hijack it from Stan, and a deal was made between them to sell the server to Aster since it was the only option, either shutting down the server or selling it (I won't go into details about what was promised), but however Aster decided to not keep his end of the promise. With that in mind, server was taken back into Stan's control since Aster had been bluntly lying about not keeping the promise on his end after being questioned a multiple times and given a few chances to keep it, and that's the reason the server was revoked from them and is now under the administration of Stan, Coban and myself.

Another thing that has been spreading is that I've "hacked" the server when I was removed from staff when Aster took control. First off, the reason behind my demotion then was a conflicting opinion I've had with Aster, nothing more. If anything, Aster decided that it was smart to blame me for his failure to manage/secure the server after this has taken place.

Lastly, anyone advertising for their server (which we will take action for as they've unrightfully stolen our server files and website), will be permanently banned.

School is now reopened.

School will be operated by principals: Izzie and Willow

Feel free to apply for the teacher position to get school going, all applications are welcome. Credits to Poseidon & Heather for the build.​

It's here! The thing we have all been waiting for, the mine!
It works just like the farm, where you mine for ores, making them easier to get and you can sell them at the shop!
The ores work on a percentage base, so if you mine a ore, an ore will spawn randomly in its place.
To get there type in chat /warp mine

Happy Mining :D
Hey guys!
Some of you may remember we had a old plug dj community for our server but that closed due to the website, but now its back. Chill to great tunes while you play this great server. Its a win win. Anyone can DJ just join the queue and your time will come :)

Originally, the bank robbery was going to be released after a life insurance plugin was completed; however, it seems that almost no progression was made to the plugin we've ordered, so I've decided that I will use a non-custom plugin for now to replace it until we get one done for all the people that have been waiting for bank robbery. Expect the bank robbery to be implemented on 3/11/17.

What should you expect?:

  • You will start dropping percentage of your money to give incentive to store money.
  • Company will likely be either: removed or the company bank will be disabled
There will be a maintenance on 3/1/17, 3 PM east for further optimization for the server.

Bank reset

Bank will be reset on 3/5/17, so please take out all the money you have in the bank, thank you.​
To get straight to the point, our former staff Ghibli has decided to plagiarize builds from another server then proceed to report us there. With that being said, as we do not support his act of plagiarism, we have decided to cooperate with the other server to remove all the builds that were copied. You'll notice multiple builds missing when roaming around, one major build being school. We'll definitely make sure to rebuild school; however we do not know how long it'll take to rebuild it. With that being said, school will be on a complete halt until we can get the build finished by our architects.
Player of the month


Laggynab has been an important asset to the server with his friendlyness & dedication. He is also dominating on the top vote list with 504 votes. He's a extremely polite person, and we've decided to put forward the thread to thank him for everything.

POTM will receive vip perks with MVP suffix in-game.

The moment we have all be waiting for, pets! Check out the new pet shop across from /warp shop to purchase a fuzzy friend for your house! (Beware: abandoned pets can be killed so make sure to only hatch them when you are safe at home.) [​IMG]