1. We are currently looking for new architect and police members, if you feel up to the task for either, follow the links below to apply!
    Architect Applications: Click here
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  2. Reputation has just been reworked, make sure to check out the cool update here: Click here
  3. This rule will now be enforced, please make sure to follow it.
    - No begging or asking for reputation from other players, whether in public or private chats. No selling or trading of it either. Giving yourself reputation using alt accounts is not allowed either.
    [Reputation reset - Ban]
Greetings our lovely community,

Today is the first day of 2018, having us closer than ever to being running for 4 whole years under the domain McCities. We have all went through a lot in the last year, from administration issues to stale updates, but thanks to you, we all as a community have set new records on the server, starting by reaching 100+ players online to weekly updates and a constantly fresh update log section. It all wouldn't have been possible without your support and the dedication of our staff team, whose members I cannot thank enough for their work and passion.

A lot of new features and updates were pushed over the past year, but let me take you through a quick journey to remember the best of them.

Bank and robbery were both added at the beginning of the year, which opened a lot of opportunities for roleplay, especially to Police and robbers who had benefited from it.
Then school was re-added to the mix, coming with a lot of management and plugin changes of which made the experience so much better, we then headed towards resetting the once ugly wilderness to a brand new one with a cool little spawn built by @PurpleTurkey.
Hospital and exams were both then properly introduced, along with smartwatches which allowed businesses to expand into new markets. But not only Doctors received love, farmers and miners as well who had new, and better automated areas to work in.

Then we see ourselves facing the newer events, such as Player of the Month competition which is hosted on the forums every month, and the re-introduction of Minister P, as well as the re-work of reputation and addition of crafting. Those all are just to name a few of the incredible year we had.

Now a special message to my lovely staff team as well as the respectful former staff who had once served with us,
@Izzie @DarkMagicinY @Graphic_elf @LeanneTheUnicorn...​

Hope you are all having happy holidays. As promised, I've lately devoted all my free time to bring new updates, and this week I present to you a big one I feel (and hope) will have a great impact on the gameplay experience. As you know, Reputation never had a real usage, which is why this week's update is revolved around it.

But before starting, we are launching the last Store sale in a while, so make sure to pick what you want now before it is too late. The sale will last until the end of Christmas. 30% off all store items.

Reputation has received a full rework, beginning with a full reset of everyone's reputation back down to 0, this will allow us to start fresh and give actual value to the feature.

Introducing a new command, /giverep <name> which allows you to repute other players, whether it is because you enjoy their company, trust them or simply love 'em.
The amount of reputation you give when using /giverep varies on the following:

- Your current base rank : (Citizen, Elite etc)
- Your special ranks : (VIP, Ultra, Staff etc) Note: Architect and police are not special ranks.
- Your current Reputation

The higher your base rank, special ranks, and Reputation, the more Rep Power you will have. By default, everyone has 1 Rep Power.

Base Ranks Bonuses:

Expatriate: 1
Resident: 2
Citizen: 3
Executive: 4
Rich: 5
Elite: 6
Millionaire: 7

Special Ranks Bonuses:

Staff: 2
VIP: 1
Premium: 2
Ultra: 3

Players are limited to reputing others 2 times a day, and to prevent abusing, you cannot keep on reputing the same player over and over, each time you repute the same player, it adds 1 week delay until the next time you could repute them again.
So for example:...​

Up until this point I never really had an impact on the server's gameplay mechanics that much, but I'm glad to bring you my first core project. In two days alone I've spent 14 hours to bring you this feature as promised, it took me a while to setup the project to provide you with an easy and fast interface considering I'm working on it alone. I've tried my best to eliminate all the bugs I could find and from my testing, it's working as intended, so without further ado, here is the Crafting System.

What is the MCCrafting?
- It is a unique system of MCCities, offering players an interactive way of earning rewards by finishing tasks and quests randomly given to each player. You can access it by running the command /crafting

What is the current progress on MCCrafting?
- All the code bases are set, as well as a fully functional Rewards Shell system for players to use right now. Approximately 45% of MCCrafting is done, and it will continue to progress by each passing day.

What are Reward Shells?
- They are obtainable rewards, granted by completing different tasks handed to you, which require no additional items to unlock, and they usually are limited-edition and fit a particular theme. Once unlocked, they can give from 2 to 3 random items, guaranteed no duplicates. Depending on the Shell, they usually contain rare and exclusive items related to this specific theme.

What are the current Rewards Shells and how to obtain them?
- As of right now, there is the Sci-Fi Shell, which I've released alone to see your feedback on. It can be obtained by a chance via /voting or purchasing on the
MCCities Store, under the In-game Items category.

I was told there was Chests and Keys, where are those?
- Shells are just the start, as I continue to work on...

Hope you all have a happy holiday! Last week I was extremely busy, sorry for not publishing the weekly update I've promised, the next couple of weeks I should have more free time from projects and whatnot.
Either way, this week I focused mainly on Christmas updates, and this included changing the server store's overall theme, took a while but I got it done. I'd love to hear your opinion on the new design, so let me know down below. Not only that, but we are hosting a 30% store discount on all the available items as well.

Now for the part regarding Reward Shells, in my last update (http://www.mccities.com/threads/weekly-update-1.6788/) I have explained what a Reward Shell is, so I have been working to bring it live as soon as possible. I'm 65% complete with the whole system, the progress is going slow because I'm working on it alone, couldn't find a developer to help with it, which means it will not be released on the time I wished for.

Here is the progress so far. Those are some of the current rewards, some of the items are exclusive just to the event. (Those are just a fraction of what will be available, there will be a lot more variety):

The two new Shells, Christmas and Sci-Fi shells:



That makes a total of three unique shells with mostly different rewards that will be released at first. They will be available either on the server store or by voting.

When will shells be released? As soon as I finish working on them. Basically once I've finished working on shells, I will continue working on Chests & Keys which will be released at a later date (Or together, depends on my schedule).

Your suggestions are highly appreciated, they do help speed up the progress and improve the quality so don't hesitate to post below.

Merry Christmas!
After the great success last year, we have decided to bring back secret santa!

1. Sign up for secret santa here

2. You will be mailed in game your secret santa
3. Deliver gift(s) on December 24th or before!

Hope you all enjoy!


Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. In my last announcement I've promised you to try and bring you weekly updates about what we are working on and what we have planned, it also allows us to take your feedback before fully releasing whatever project we are working on.

This week's topic will be a feature I've been teasing for a while but was set aside due to me being busy, however, I've started working on it again but this time with more better ideas in mind. There is no estimate on when it will be released.

But before we start, I'd like to remind you that we are having a Black Friday sale, 35% off all server store items, so if you have been thinking to buy anything on the store, now is the perfect chance.

[Early version of the logo, may still be changed in the future, yes I didn't put much effort into it]
[All the information and names below may be changed when it's released, it's all pseudo]
This "Crafting System" is a whole new concept to Cities which gives everyone an equal chance of earning loot and exclusive items by completing various different tasks.
It's not merely a quest-type of thing, but rather a progressive system to constantly reward you for playing the game, for example; killing mobs or special bosses, and by completing a task, you earn Crafting EXP which can increase your drop rate, or give double items when crafting. At the moment I am not willing to have it say what the tasks are. Your normal playing activities may be one of those tasks, and if not, you can ask other players what method works for them.

Why is it called a crafting system you may ask? By completing different and random tasks, you get the chance of receiving what is called a Fragment, which on its own is useless, however by combining multiple of those Fragments, you can craft a Key or a Chest. It can be a Steel Fragment, or a Wood Fragment, Fragments...​

You may have noticed that my activity was low in the past period and that was due to exams. Now that finals are over, I will have more time to put into the server. From now on I will try and keep you informed on future and implemented features on weekly basis.

I lately promoted three new Helpers, @Arius @Hidden124 @Marie for the great potential I've seen in them, so congratulations once again to them, along with @LeanneTheUnicorn's promotion to MinisterS for her dedication and great work.

With that being said, the first change for this week will be the staff team ranks. For players it will probably be nothing more than renaming, but it will help divide our roles and tasks.

Newly placed staff hierarchy - Descending

Senior Moderator
Junior Admin

In short, the T-MOD rank was renamed to Moderator with new duties (Keep in mind this is not considered a promotion)

Current staff team after the update

[Owners] Coban, Kiri, Stan
[Junior Admin] Izzie
[Senior Moderators] LeanneTheUnicorn, DarkMagicinY
[Moderators] Sundae22, Graphic_elf
[Helpers] Arius, Hidden124, Marie, PurpleTurkey

In regards to Architect, from this moment forward I will be supervising over the team along with our admin @Izzie, with much more fun content to come with that.

With that in mind, I will be reviving Senior Architect once again from the dead, but this time with new duties than before, such as hosting events and contests.
And for that, I have decided to promote...
Greetings Citizens,

We have kept an eye on the gameplay and your suggestions to further improve the bosses of Halloween.
I will now go into details of the Halloween event.

Brief Explanation

Every 1 hour all players are notified in public chat that the event has started. Those who wish to participate can type /halloween join and they will be teleported to the waiting area, and from there they can join in the arena.
The objective is to defeat the boss and his minions by working together as a group.

PVP and item loss are disabled in the arena, which means you can fight to your heart's content.


By dealing damage to a boss, you are guaranteed to get 1 Candy. However, by dealing the most damage you will receive 2 Candies. [For anyone to receive candy, the boss must first be defeated and the player needs to be within the arena]

Candies can be traded for various items, including ones that are exclusive only to this event.
They can be traded at the Rewards stall next to the arena entrance.

Rewards list
  • Spoopy Stick - 16 Candies -: [Shoots Fireballs]
  • Halloween Chestplate - 12 Candies -: [30% Armor, Fire Resistance 2]
  • Spooky Stick - 8 Candies -: [Shoots Snowballs (5~15 damage), Knockback 2]
  • Undead Horse Egg - 2 Candies -: [Spawns an...

Greetings citizens of the world,

Halloween is just a few steps away from us, so what better way to celebrate it than bringing some juicy updates to the server? We will gradually push all updates one by one to ensure and maintain stability, so no better time than now to tell us about all your suggestions, just create a thread here: Click here
Let's start with this bloody update! ( ;) )

I'm excited to bring you this news, and what makes it extra special is; this is only the beginning, more is on the way!
For starters, it's worth checking out the update log section. The past few month we have focused mainly on integrating to a new system which has allowed us to have more control over gameplay features and lag, thanks to Kiri.
Now that we have switched, we can easily and more freely add new features without worrying about inefficiency.
Not only that, but I currently have plans to create a framework which plugins will be built on, this will allow for a faster implementation of features and removing the hassle of dealing with time-consuming tasks.

Now for the real exciting stuff!

Thanks to our skillful builders, DarkMagicianY, LeanneTheUnicorn, PurpleTurkey and their efforts we now have a wonderful arena to contain all the evil and spookiness that Halloween has brought upon us!


We have made sure to have a wide enough arena to fight the boss in. With that in mind, PVP in the arena is disabled so you won't have to worry about betrayal.

Now to talk about the boss

All players will be notified when the event starts in chat, and at the same...​

Greetings boys, girls and things! Long time no see, we have all been busy with school and such but it's time to get back on track and spice things up a little!
As you may know, we have pushed a few updates regarding security and performance in the past few weeks which ended in success with overall lag and stability. This is just the start of back-end improvements, soon enough when everything is in place, not only will new content be added, but lag will immensely decrease.

Special Store Offer
So let's kick things off by announcing that we are hosting a 30% discount on all store items, but it does not stop there; just for this occasion and for a limited time only, the VIP Adventurer rank will last 3 month instead of just two if you purchase it in the sale. You should now have plenty of time to study and enjoy the VIP perks!

Community Updates
It's just about time to start on releasing and testing new community events, from giveaways to roleplaying and player of the month rewards!

Since it's the school season, we'll try our best to have those events scattered around the day so nobody would miss them, not only on the server but on the forums and our Discord too [https://discord.gg/AYmTCg]

If you have any suggestions on what events you would want to participate in, let us know by commenting below.
We would also love if you take time and complete the feedback survey, it helps a lot!
Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/v7nBvI2g4V7fLTc62

Now to wrap up this section of the update, I would like you to know that player of the month has finally returned (Or released for the first time, who knows?), so if you are interested in nominating a friend for the reward,...​