You may have noticed that my activity was low in the past period and that was due to exams. Now that finals are over, I will have more time to put into the server. From now on I will try and keep you informed on future and implemented features on weekly basis.

I lately promoted three new Helpers, @Arius @Hidden124 @Marie for the great potential I've seen in them, so congratulations once again to them, along with @LeanneTheUnicorn's promotion to MinisterS for her dedication and great work.

With that being said, the first change for this week will be the staff team ranks. For players it will probably be nothing more than renaming, but it will help divide our roles and tasks.

Newly placed staff hierarchy - Descending

Senior Moderator
Junior Admin

In short, the T-MOD rank was renamed to Moderator with new duties (Keep in mind this is not considered a promotion)

Current staff team after the update

[Owners] Coban, Kiri, Stan
[Junior Admin] Izzie
[Senior Moderators] LeanneTheUnicorn, DarkMagicinY
[Moderators] Sundae22, Graphic_elf
[Helpers] Arius, Hidden124, Marie, PurpleTurkey

In regards to Architect, from this moment forward I will be supervising over the team along with our admin @Izzie, with much more fun content to come with that.

With that in mind, I will be reviving Senior Architect once again from the dead, but this time with new duties than before, such as hosting events and contests.
And for that, I have decided to promote...
Greetings Citizens,

We have kept an eye on the gameplay and your suggestions to further improve the bosses of Halloween.
I will now go into details of the Halloween event.

Brief Explanation

Every 1 hour all players are notified in public chat that the event has started. Those who wish to participate can type /halloween join and they will be teleported to the waiting area, and from there they can join in the arena.
The objective is to defeat the boss and his minions by working together as a group.

PVP and item loss are disabled in the arena, which means you can fight to your heart's content.


By dealing damage to a boss, you are guaranteed to get 1 Candy. However, by dealing the most damage you will receive 2 Candies. [For anyone to receive candy, the boss must first be defeated and the player needs to be within the arena]

Candies can be traded for various items, including ones that are exclusive only to this event.
They can be traded at the Rewards stall next to the arena entrance.

Rewards list
  • Spoopy Stick - 16 Candies -: [Shoots Fireballs]
  • Halloween Chestplate - 12 Candies -: [30% Armor, Fire Resistance 2]
  • Spooky Stick - 8 Candies -: [Shoots Snowballs (5~15 damage), Knockback 2]
  • Undead Horse Egg - 2 Candies -: [Spawns an...

Greetings citizens of the world,

Halloween is just a few steps away from us, so what better way to celebrate it than bringing some juicy updates to the server? We will gradually push all updates one by one to ensure and maintain stability, so no better time than now to tell us about all your suggestions, just create a thread here: Click here
Let's start with this bloody update! ( ;) )

I'm excited to bring you this news, and what makes it extra special is; this is only the beginning, more is on the way!
For starters, it's worth checking out the update log section. The past few month we have focused mainly on integrating to a new system which has allowed us to have more control over gameplay features and lag, thanks to Kiri.
Now that we have switched, we can easily and more freely add new features without worrying about inefficiency.
Not only that, but I currently have plans to create a framework which plugins will be built on, this will allow for a faster implementation of features and removing the hassle of dealing with time-consuming tasks.

Now for the real exciting stuff!

Thanks to our skillful builders, DarkMagicianY, LeanneTheUnicorn, PurpleTurkey and their efforts we now have a wonderful arena to contain all the evil and spookiness that Halloween has brought upon us!


We have made sure to have a wide enough arena to fight the boss in. With that in mind, PVP in the arena is disabled so you won't have to worry about betrayal.

Now to talk about the boss

All players will be notified when the event starts in chat, and at the same...​

Greetings boys, girls and things! Long time no see, we have all been busy with school and such but it's time to get back on track and spice things up a little!
As you may know, we have pushed a few updates regarding security and performance in the past few weeks which ended in success with overall lag and stability. This is just the start of back-end improvements, soon enough when everything is in place, not only will new content be added, but lag will immensely decrease.

Special Store Offer
So let's kick things off by announcing that we are hosting a 30% discount on all store items, but it does not stop there; just for this occasion and for a limited time only, the VIP Adventurer rank will last 3 month instead of just two if you purchase it in the sale. You should now have plenty of time to study and enjoy the VIP perks!

Community Updates
It's just about time to start on releasing and testing new community events, from giveaways to roleplaying and player of the month rewards!

Since it's the school season, we'll try our best to have those events scattered around the day so nobody would miss them, not only on the server but on the forums and our Discord too []

If you have any suggestions on what events you would want to participate in, let us know by commenting below.
We would also love if you take time and complete the feedback survey, it helps a lot!
Survey link:

Now to wrap up this section of the update, I would like you to know that player of the month has finally returned (Or released for the first time, who knows?), so if you are interested in nominating a friend for the reward,...​
IMPORTANT McCities Feedback
We're interested in hearing from you guys, our dedicated players!

If you have a few minutes and would like to provide some feedback about McCities, you can click on the link below to take a short survey. We appreciate your honesty so we can know what you guys love about McCities and what you think we could improve on.

Thank you guys for taking the time to provide feedback for us!

Link to form -->

IMPORTANT Wild Reset: 8/6/17
Hello to all our wonderful players. Many players have noticed that our beloved /warp wild has become rather tired and destroyed over the past year since the last reset. So, to allow everyone to start fresh with new materials and resources available, we will be resetting the wild. We hope that you see this as a great opportunity to make the wild more beautiful and restore its potential for another great year of exploration by our community.
Some important things to note:
~This reset will completely revert everything in the /warp wild world to its original state
~If you have things stored in /warp wild you are encouraged to move them to a rented or bought region in one of the cities as they will be lost if left in the wild during reset.
~Players are being given 2 weeks from this announcement to move their things.
~The wild reset will happen on Sunday August 6th, 2017. All of your items you wish to keep need to be moved from the wild before this date.


Q: Why is the wild being reset now?
It has been almost a year since the last reset of the wild. Despite efforts to patch up the worst areas, it gets rather destroyed over time. The current wild looks more like the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse instead of a peaceful wild to forage for resources and supplies.

Q: I built a really amazing house in the wild, is there any way I can protect it during this reset?
A: Sadly no, we cannot protect your structures when we reset the wild. You...
IMPORTANT Official Statement
This is a follow up to the older clarification topic, if you wish to read it, click here.

You may have seen the recent spamming and talk on the forums and the server claiming we have malicious intents, such as stealing Minecraft accounts, passwords and so on.

By this statement, I deny all those claims against us, they are all false and were only spread around to cause corruption in our community, and to get our players to move to a different server, which I will be talking about in a second.

We as owners of McCities do not have the ability, nor the intention to see or use your passwords. All of your passwords, whether it is on the forums' or the server, they are always hidden from us, AND they are encrypted, and this ofcourse to ensure maximum security, and for your safety, always been like that and will never change.

The screenshot you may have seen with the "save pass" module, said to steal your passwords, it is not a module nor does it send your password to a magical database. It's nothing but coding of the forum's software itself to allow you to login, that is all. It's literally on all forums. You may research it all you wish, our forums software is called Xenforo.

Now for the final and last point, us stealing your credit card information. We yet again do not have access to such information, nor do we seek them, at all. All payments done on our store are processed by a well known company called Buycraft, and furthermore, they are all handled by PayPal. Again, do your research if you wish.

All your information are safe, and again I repeat, those words being spread around are false information, with the sole intention of damaging our reputation and getting our players to leave.

Those who have done that are nothing different than scammers....
It's time to celebrate with exams ending and summer starting, and what is a better way to enjoy our time other than a couple of cold drinks next to the beach on McCities with the loved ones!

Before starting off, I'd like to tell you that I've worked on our server store, changing the colors, layout, and much more, and this is just the first update, more to come soon!
We are having a 30% discount on all store items (Including custom models too!) for a limited time, just for summer so make sure to pick up what you need right now before it's too late!
Visit our store at
Greetings to the update, adventurer! It might have taken us a while but we have finally started! For a while now our staff team has been thinking of new and fun updates for the server, so why not just get to the point and list what we have in mind!

As you may have noticed, in the past week we have had so called issues with our website, while it lasted and bothered us for a couple of days, it was a necessary step that we should've taken a long time ago, by updating our forums software we will able to support more themes, designs and possibly more functionalities. (Also, aren't those background pictures beautiful? Thanks to our community members!)

You may have not known, but in the past couple of weeks I have done a few general updates for the staff team and how ranks work, and I am happily announcing that we are looking for new recruits to join our staff team! If you wish to apply, follow this thread [Click here]

Is that all? Oh heck no! Just you wait
We have planned in the next couple of weeks some major new updates, fun mini-games to fit the summer category and *wink* cosmetic items? *wink*
Any new update will...​
IMPORTANT Clarification
> Situation Clearup

We've recently heard about Zain, Aster, and whoever accusing me, Stan and Coban about something we did not do, so I've decided to create this post to clarify anything false they decided to spread about us. Note that this happened over half a year ago, so if you don't know about it, it's nothing to worry about.

First off, no, the server was not scammed nor stolen off them. At first, the server was going to be sold to Aster after he forcefully locked it down in an attempt to hijack it from Stan, and a deal was made between them to sell the server to Aster since it was the only option, either shutting down the server or selling it (I won't go into details about what was promised), but however Aster decided to not keep his end of the promise. With that in mind, server was taken back into Stan's control since Aster had been bluntly lying about not keeping the promise on his end after being questioned a multiple times and given a few chances to keep it, and that's the reason the server was revoked from them and is now under the administration of Stan, Coban and myself.

Another thing that has been spreading is that I've "hacked" the server when I was removed from staff when Aster took control. First off, the reason behind my demotion then was a conflicting opinion I've had with Aster, nothing more. If anything, Aster decided that it was smart to blame me for his failure to manage/secure the server after this has taken place.

Lastly, anyone advertising for their server (which we will take action for as they've unrightfully stolen our server files and website), will be permanently banned.

School is now reopened.

School will be operated by principals:Kate

Feel free to apply for the teacher position to get school going, all applications are welcome. Credits to Poseidon & Heather for the build.​