1. We are currently looking for new architect and police members, if you feel up to the task for either, follow the links below to apply!
    Architect Applications: Click here
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  2. Happy holidays, Guest
    We are currently looking for new staff members to join the team. If you feel capable and up for the responsibility, use the following application to apply: Click here

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Texturepack has been added to the server, adding following models to the server - Guns, sword covers.


You can go to shop to purchase the swords, and to the police/black market to purchase the guns!​

All previous guns have been removed and new guns were introduced (with more balancing). You are also now required to purchase ammo for the guns. Each guns will now be labelled with more simplicity like - shotgun, rifle, sniper, and so on. You are able to

1. Purchase a gun from a police officer with a license (legal method). This will cost you more money, however, will not get you in trouble of any sort.

2. Purchase a gun from a black market. It's cheaper, yet if you are found without a license, you'd be required to pay a hefty fee.

You can also expect gun models/texturepack within upcoming days.


If you see a build/region being sold for absurd price (like 0$ or 1,000$), instead of abusing and buying it, report it to our staff to get the region's price reevaluated. Doing so will net you 5% of the total reevaluation price of the house.
Happy New Year to all of our wonderful players!
We wish you a year full of good fortune and fun times with us at McCities! Our new years resolution is to continue to grow together and outward as a community and bring loads of cool updates to our players. What are your resolutions for 2017?
To all our wonderful players who make McCities great,
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, & Happy Holidays!

Your dedicated staff team
Hoppers are back up​
Watch McCities Newscast #1 by clicking here.

This weeks news contains information brought to you by McCities Staff Team ~We're always here to help!

IMPORTANT Secret Santa!
Secret Santa applications are now closed! Names will be distributed soon!

From today until December 24 please feel free to sign up in the 1st annual secret Santa event!
This is the process:

1. Player signs up.
2. Player receives mail from Staff Member with the name of another player.
3. December 25th player give their present to their assigned player.

Click Here to sign up!
Maintenance complete

updated to 1.11


IMPORTANT Unlock command
/unlock command will be added to the server on 6 pm EST 12/17

Function of the command - It'll basically allow you to break any signs (lockette) if you are allowed to build within that region.

Warning - Players who are added to your home/region will be able to destroy your lockette signs. If you don't trust them, simply remove them from the region by typing /as delfriend (name) (region).

Any abuse of this command to steal in regions you are added to will net you a punishment (as griefing)
As of November 28th 2016 we are disallowing automated farming and afk farming. We strive to a balanced economy and fair prices in the shop for all players and these things mess with that. Please remove any automated or afk farms you have or they will be forcibly removed and punishments given. Thank you for your cooperation.