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    Accepted Lost Job and Item

  2. nibble

    I lost my jobs

    Please state what you've lost, thanks.
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    Resolved Job bug

    It seems like you already got your job back, closed.
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    Resolved Lost my jobs

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    Resolved Lost my job

  6. nibble

    Lost my jobs

    CEO is not a job currently & seems like you got your realtor job back.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Partially eco wiped and unbanned. Accommodate your androids to fit with the rule when you are online.
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

    Okay, so let's see. Ethu was buying Tier 3 or 4 scrolls last month, showing you have not been doing this for months. Second off, you all didn't use /scroll enough to remotely get any tier 4 scrolls, one if you are lucky. Third, most of you were unbanned recently. Oh, and I don't need to show...
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

    You seem a little slow if you don't understand, regardless, all three appeals will be denied.
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

  11. nibble

    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

    Of course I know, I developed most of what goes into the server. 153 scrolls are not remotely enough to get that many tier 4 scrolls. You don't seem to realize the menu closes after you click on something once.
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

    Sure m1s - used /scroll 21 times this month Ethu - used /scroll 18 times this month Zelf - used /scroll 12 times this month so, have anything else to say?
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

    I don't think you understand that you are in the position to prove your innocence. You made a claim that is false.
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

    Sure there is, your story falls apart very quickly once you consider what I said above.
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    Denied Ban Appeal - Duping

    I don't think you understand. You have to type /scroll every time you obtain scrolls that way. You've entered that command merely 12 times this month.