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    Job Warps, And Better Jobs

    Warp lumberjack - Concept in the works Dynamite function - yea would be cool, but not a priority rn Perks: Hitman - would be to overpowered Miner - Would also be overpowered, but could be made so that perks are only given in /warp mine (though I still think it’s unecessary). Fisherman -...
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    Best Island Suggestion Ever

    Just throwing this out there, I have a sf teleporter that can teleport you to all (except like 2) of the islands. Hmu in game if you want to use it
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    Denied Daisy_Doggy's Second Arch App

    Good luck!
  4. Turkey

    Darth Vader is a good choice ;)

    Darth Vader is a good choice ;)
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    Whats dis thing

    its an clementine
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    Sorry for being inactive this week, a lot of stuff going on irl (school related)

    Sorry for being inactive this week, a lot of stuff going on irl (school related)
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    Accepted Death-Hey Fam Accept Me

    Great application! Only thing is we’ve already got advanced sf teachers and economics/business teachers. We truly feel that red stone would be hard because you can place down the blocks, and explaining systems can be confusing. We would love to accept you, if you can choose another job/topic to...
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    Add more stuff!

    I meant like machines that make specific items and stuff. Maybe things that use androids and cargo management things :P
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    Add more stuff!

    If you haven’t before, making slimefun machines can also be tons of fun. Just make sure you’ve got someone to help you with it, it makes understanding a whole lot Easier
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    Island Recreation

    Wow I’m bad at updating, aren’t I XD. Cliff walls are almost (super close not lying) to being completed, and the top grass/hill layer has been started! ontop will be a castle; hopefully McCities by a magnitude of at least 2:1 (it’s going to be huge). Would you prefer screen shots with...
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    Congrats sundae!

    Congrats sundae!
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    Apple is looking for Economists

    No! Silly Toger, you can bend the overall economical standpoint of the server to your liking !
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    Does it count if one worships cheese?
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    Runnerboro Stock Market

    But who exactly decides this? Being realistic the only people who have/are interested in runnerboro (this specific) are you and Eatsmith. I see where you’re going with this idea, but I would suggest not fully implemting this unless you can get other companies to sell stocks as well.
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    Player of the Month [Nominations]

    Ninjagaming (Can’t remember full username, but they are also a cop and teacher)