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By Izzie on Dec 5, 2017 at 2:46 PM
  1. Izzie

    Izzie Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

    Nov 7, 2016
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    Merry Christmas!
    After the great success last year, we have decided to bring back secret santa!

    1. Sign up for secret santa here

    2. You will be mailed in game your secret santa
    3. Deliver gift(s) on December 24th or before!

    Hope you all enjoy!

    #1 Izzie, Dec 5, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Izzie, Dec 5, 2017.

    1. Davina
      Izzie i signed up, but didn't got a person? :/
      CP42 likes this.
    2. CP42
      What day did you sign up Davina, I think they came out a week ago or so
    3. ItzJazzMade
      They did i have gotten oh I must not say :O

      Well then well keep it a secret santa for a while right?
    4. Davina
      yeah ik, but I signed up like 2 days after she posted it
      CP42 likes this.
    5. ItzLexicorn
      The only problem that's really common no matter where you do Secret Santa.. is that Secret Santa usually turns into no secret at all like a few days later, because people tell other people who they got. (It's like 6 am atm and I'm like really tired so I don't know if this sounds right.. just so you know lol).
      CP42 likes this.
    6. CP42
      Lol I have my person their present 2 days into it, I still haven’t gotten a present ;-;
    7. CP42
      Oh that’s weird, hmm idk sry Davina. If u want we can exchange presents <3 lol
    8. ItzLexicorn
      That's what I mean :/
      CP42 likes this.
    9. Nightwing310
      I put mine in a shulker box and gave it to my SS
    10. Nightwing310
      actually yeah yur right
      CP42 and ItzJazzMade like this.
    11. Fiirena
      I’m going to be giving mine on Christmas Eve because I’m not gonna come on on Christmas’s day
      CP42 likes this.
    12. Toryn
      I haven't got my person yet ;(
      Liantic and CP42 like this.
    13. _MehLife
      Hey @Izzie i got a problem i am banned so i can't give their gift is their anyway i can give them 2 plots of mine i think i got h80 and h67 who i will not give to my secret santa pearson all my other plots else then h80 and h67 can be given to him or her just please don't give them h80 and h67. thx please tell me if giving plots is illegal
    14. LeanneTheUnicorn
      You cannot give plots as you are perm banned
    15. Liantic
      i signed up, but didn't get a person
    16. Kahili
      I don't get how this works. How do you deliver your gift to the person? Do you just give it to them or secretly put them in the person's apt which you don't have access to? Can someone explain it to me?
    17. Death_Inferno360
      Its too late already sorry, its the 24th already
      Id suggest like giving it to them personally since hiding it in a chest in their apt or house could either A. Be robbed or B. The apt might get unrented if they forget to extend the rent
      Kahili likes this.
    18. ItzJazzMade
      I just give it to him when he's afk or just be extera nice to people and act like your giving everyone items

      I just msged him a lot and talked and then tpa'd to give him delucious items :)
      CP42 and Kahili like this.
    19. Liantic
      Aww dang it. I really wanted to do this. Too bad I got on the server on Thursday and Signed in then.
    20. Pegasus
      I do not got a secret santa but I am a secret santa of some body :)

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