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    This is a follow up to the older clarification topic, if you wish to read it, click here.

    You may have seen the recent spamming and talk on the forums and the server claiming we have malicious intents, such as stealing Minecraft accounts, passwords and so on.

    By this statement, I deny all those claims against us, they are all false and were only spread around to cause corruption in our community, and to get our players to move to a different server, which I will be talking about in a second.

    We as owners of McCities do not have the ability, nor the intention to see or use your passwords. All of your passwords, whether it is on the forums' or the server, they are always hidden from us, AND they are encrypted, and this ofcourse to ensure maximum security, and for your safety, always been like that and will never change.

    The screenshot you may have seen with the "save pass" module, said to steal your passwords, it is not a module nor does it send your password to a magical database. It's nothing but coding of the forum's software itself to allow you to login, that is all. It's literally on all forums. You may research it all you wish, our forums software is called Xenforo.

    Now for the final and last point, us stealing your credit card information. We yet again do not have access to such information, nor do we seek them, at all. All payments done on our store are processed by a well known company called Buycraft, and furthermore, they are all handled by PayPal. Again, do your research if you wish.

    All your information are safe, and again I repeat, those words being spread around are false information, with the sole intention of damaging our reputation and getting our players to leave.

    Those who have done that are nothing different than scammers. With no morals, or self-respect. Whether they are the puppets following orders for personal gains, or those who are in-charge themselves.

    Willing to damage others' reputation just for their own good, even if they know they are innocent, and even if it opposes their religion, or so called missing morals and manners.
    If you don't know who those people are, they were previous owners of McCites, exactly the same ones kicked because they scammed us, and now they are the ones who created a new server using our own server files calling it their own.

    I hereby state that we are not linked with whatever happened with their server recently, I'd much rather have respect for myself, my age and my nature than running around on Minecraft servers hoping for their failure just for personal gains.

    I hope this statement made it clear for you all -- Every word said here is the truth, it's up to you whether to believe me or not. I certainly hope you do trust in me, because I have nothing to hide nor am I afraid of them because I am not on the wrong.
    I also have bolded out names of services, or phrases we use to double-check everything I have said on your own.

    Nothing will stop us from progressing, we've lately been working on new updates so expect a new announcement soon with much more exciting news!

    -Coban. Owner of McCities.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Jun 11, 2017.

    1. Turkey
    2. TheGlory135
      I heard about the old owners being corrupt or something from the original players, but I never thought you guys were corrupt. To be honest, I haven't really heard about the "stealing information" thing, but either way the staff/owners haven't done anything to be accused about. So how do people have the right to make accusations?
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    3. Turkey
      I wouldn't make accusations about whether anyone here is corrupt. I'm sure Coban and Kiri have their reasons for telling/doing what they do, and if they wanted us to know something they would happily let the community know. Your point is exactly correct.
    4. laggynab
      U must be torn apart by this ;-; Ur friends are gone! :( I feel so sad for u.. I am ur friend tho :D Im gona try bring ur friends back too.
    5. laggynab
      Below is the reason why our beloved vigilantes have left McCities.
    6. CP42
      I'm gonna have to say 1 word- WHY? Ever since I came to the server I felt welcomed. I don't understand for a second why Kiri Coban and Jason would do this... I can't believe it
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    7. Coban
      Aren't those the vigilantes who used to always get banned for breaking the rules and disrespecting staff?
      I wonder why would they ever want to harm our reputation? Oh, let me guess.. Revenge and being special for our rivals. Did I get it right? :)
      cp42, you can't believe it because it never happened, that's how simple it is.
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    8. CP42
      I have to agree! I have not found anything bad about the server! I have loved it!!! Thanks so much for such a great experience!

      Edit: I agree to the last part you said, not that revenge is good :D
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    9. EnderPoop
      Not to mention to decrypt software like this you need a powerful super computer or be a hacker
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    10. Business_Bacon
      Ayyy i know I haven't been here long st all but the server and its Community is amazing I trust all staff and most players so I'm with you all the way

      at* not st
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    11. TheDiamondTiger
      With a normal computer it would take years to decrypt it because it would be a guess and check, but with a quantum computer, it could be done in hours because everythings better when you add quantum physics (besides general relativity).
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    12. EnderPoop
      But bear in mind who has access to a quantum computer
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    13. TheDiamondTiger
      Ofc they don't have a quantum computers, but that is a real issue that a quantum computer can find someones private key from their public key in little time. Before quantum computers become widely sold, our decryption systems need to be changed. Mainstream quantum computers would ruin crypto currencies in their current state.
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    14. CP42
      I'll pretend I knew a word that was written here other than 'a'
    15. TheDiamondTiger
      Well computers use bits which can be 1 or 0 while quantum computers use qubits which can be 1, 0, and both. So they take advantage of quantum states and can calculate things exponentially faster.
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    16. TheDiamondTiger
      And the reason that we need quantum computers is that transistors are nearing the size of atoms, but at that size, electrons can just quantum tunnel around the barriers making them essentially useless.
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    17. Death_Inferno360
      so does this mean the owners admins and staff can see what we are searching on the internet due to the ip
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    18. Coban
      No lol
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    19. Gabriel
      Guys Coban is right So is Kiri and Stan. Zain is a little freak who is crazy and is jealous.
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    20. Gabriel
      Sorry but that is the truth

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