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    Originally, the bank robbery was going to be released after a life insurance plugin was completed; however, it seems that almost no progression was made to the plugin we've ordered, so I've decided that I will use a non-custom plugin for now to replace it until we get one done for all the people that have been waiting for bank robbery. Expect the bank robbery to be implemented on 3/11/17.

    What should you expect?:

    • You will start dropping percentage of your money to give incentive to store money.
    • Company will likely be either: removed or the company bank will be disabled
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Discussion in 'Updates' started by nibble, Mar 8, 2017.

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    1. Jo3512
      How much will the percentage be? And how long does it last?
    2. nibble
      Percentage will be adjusted throughout time, but expect around 10%. The update itself should only require a restart as everything will be setup on a test server before being added.
    3. Jo3512
      How long will the insurance last? So if I have 1 million. That's 100k I hope that's for a few months.
    4. EnderPoop
      Dear Mrs Galaxy Cat,
      Thank you for enquiring. Unfortunately all
      our lines are occupied. You are 773882782976487 in the queue, your call matters to us. To find out more about our insurance policies, please visit
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    5. Jo3512
      I'm not galaxy cat. I'm dubstep cat!!!!!
    6. EnderPoop
      Madame Galaxy, to change your profile name to 'dubstep cat!!!!' You need to contact one of our tech support reps, this will take an estimated 6.7 years, press 1 to continue
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    7. Jo3512
      I am dubstep cat stop chatting on the wrong thread kbye.
    8. TheDiamondTiger
      If company is removed, sign shops will be useless and shops have higher chances of being scammed. (Please just remove /company bank)
    9. Jo3512
      Actually if you dont want to be scammed just put it on /ah. If you dont want to use /auc or /ah then thats your fault for making yourself vulnerable to scamming.
    10. nibble
      Insurance will share the similar concept as rent, you would be able to extend it. The maximum for the insurance would be 14 days to allow the money to flow back to other players if a player becomes inactive.
    11. Jo3512
      so for me its 120k ever 14 days!?!?!? thats outrageous!
    12. nibble
      no, there will be a set price for insurance.
    13. Jo3512
      Okay i was going off the 10%
    14. Jabu
      it's the 13th now, it's still not out, so much for it being on the 11th.
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