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  1. MehLife

    Survival to Creative

    Username: MehLife Creative plot: 23;-34 City plot you want the build moved to: sky10 I'd like sky10 moved to the plot 23;-34 please! :)
  2. MehLife

    I'm Akira9898 :D

    Welcome to the forums!!!!
  3. MehLife


    Good Luck! we'll miss you!
  4. MehLife

    Congratulations on Mod!!

    Congratulations on Mod!!
  5. MehLife

    Congratulations! :D

    Congratulations! :D
  6. MehLife

    Goodbye McCities <3

    It was really nice getting to know you! I'll miss you
  7. MehLife

    Graphic. I know it isn't your birthday, but I wanted to tell you. You are an amazing friend who...

    Graphic. I know it isn't your birthday, but I wanted to tell you. You are an amazing friend who has always talked to me and has been extremely kind to me lately. I really appreciate it! <3
  8. MehLife

    Some random Event ideas

    I like these ideas! I’ll mention them and we also do have a list that will hopefully be approved by the higher staff. But I’ll definitely mention it :). Some might be hard to do though (And yes, I do community)
  9. MehLife

    Ello, Ninja

    Ello, Ninja
  10. MehLife

    New Role

    This idea is just like adding a new rank that is $100+ which is very expensive. I believe the ranks we have now are ok and this would be not too necessary to have. There are also not many other perks to give unless it’s money which they can buy separately. Just my opinion. But maybe if people...
  11. MehLife

    Player of The Month Nomination- March 2018

    I nominate @LeanneTheUnicorn again this month because of how she's always there for me, and always listens to me, and helps me, and encourages me. She's so sweet, helpful, necessary, accountable, and kind. So that's why I'm voting for her. <3
  12. MehLife

    Case Closed Another Break-in

    Here's the evidence of the stolen items.
  13. MehLife

    Thank you! (Sorry I'm late ;p)

    Thank you! (Sorry I'm late ;p)
  14. MehLife

    Congrats on moderator!!! :)

    Congrats on moderator!!! :)
  15. MehLife

    Farewell! <3

    You added a lot to this server! I wish you the best!