[Bulletin] September 2022

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Hello everyone! We’ll be trying out a new monthly announcement system to better keep you guys informed on what is being worked on and what’s to come.

Your Suggestions!

These are suggestions that have been made in the last month that are now under consideration. We’ll be testing out how to make these features available and next month’s post will relay the status of where we are at with them. Thank you all for your thoughts and input.​

  • Suggestions from multiple users: New perks for ranks || New Cars || More Side Robberies
  • Yhia suggested: functional airport(s)
  • Yaoke suggested: Baby Foxes added to the pet shop
  • nVar suggested: Giving miners the ability to have ores directly put in their inventories instead of dropping on the floor || Increasing /vote rewards & better marketing
  • arcaes & Yaoke suggested: Functional use for drugs other than roleplay + a sell option

In Progress

IMPORTANT Valentine's Event & Other Updates

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Valentine’s Event

Happy Valentine’s Day McCitizens! We are happy to present McCities first annual Valentine’s Event! This event will include new mechanics and features we hope to establish indefinitely across the server and for future events. To access the event, simple /warp Valentines. There will be 3 NPC's for players to access including "Cupid". This npc will give you 3 daily Love Letters to deliver to "Lonely" npcs that are posted at some warps. Rewards for completing these deliveries will be Tokens of Love that can be redeemable at the Event Shop NPC near Cupid.

Now, on to the rest of the updates.

Hats are back!

We have restored the hat texture pack and will be opening up the hat shop soon, as well as a trade center for you to trade in your old hat items. They will work exactly the same as before with just right-clicking the item to equip. It goes without saying but, please be...

IMPORTANT First Major Update

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Police Changes
The police system has been restructured with the following changes:
  • Police will now need to hit players twice to jail them​
  • The police kit contains a taser which can slow the target down for 5 seconds when hit​
  • Wanted System​
    • Wanted levels will vary based on different levels of crime (Reference the updated Police Guide for different crime levels)​
    • Each wanted level will increase your jail time by 2 minutes​
    • Wanted levels are capped at 3​
    • /friendly (name) - Request a friendly fight with a player, so you do not receive wanted levels for murder/assault.
  • When you commit a crime or get hit by a jail stick, you will see a timer on your screen. Each new crime you...

IMPORTANT Island Opportunity

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Calling all McCitizens...

We're creating the opportunity for select players to manage the following island
- Austrum
This role will require you to put together a team (or if you prefer to work alone, include detailed reasoning and how you plan to accomplish tasks) to modernize the island.
Some of the criteria required for applying:
- 20 days of /ar time (Your chosen teammates don't necessarily have to meet this)
- A detailed plan on what you plan to accomplish
- A reasonable deadline (If you fail to make this, the island and its assets may be stripped from your team at any time)
What will be expected for the project:
- Will have to be modern themed. No fantasy/sci-fi themes.
- Must have some sort of town/city hall
- Public homes for players, we will not region mansion plots for private use
Note that if you win you do [COLOR=rgb(184...

IMPORTANT Court Build Competition

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Hello, players of McCities

We’re currently looking for a new /warp court build. Everyone is welcome to participate! The build should be relative traditional and fit with the surrounds of /warp bank & university. If possible please also include a smaller holding cell area. Please ensure the build fits within a 30x75 space. The winner will be recognition for their build, and receive a $250,000 cash prize.

The build should not look halfway done or empty
Build needs to be built in creative or the architect world (our server)
It has to meet city standards (shouldn't be a huge skyscraper or medieval build)
You can build the court with a friend, only one of you can enter in the form though
Has to be on a flat plot
Needs to be within 30x75 space. Any bigger builds/extremely small will be disqualified.
You can enter with a past build, but it needs to have been built yourself

FroztyStars, Gjegevey and I...

IMPORTANT Server Event: Hunger Games Round Two

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Welcome to Round 2 of the Mccities Hunger Games!

This will take place on...

IMPORTANT New Year's Eve

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Hello everyone!

I am very excited to be heading into the 2020 year with all of you! We have gone through a lot in the past year, and I apologize for being inactive in its early months. However, I am so grateful to come back to such an amazing community, and I'm looking forward to working as the new owner in this upcoming year.

We have a lot planned for the next few months, but I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions from you guys!
You can leave your thoughts in the comments below or find me in the server discord

A quick message to my staff team - You are all so reliable, and I love you all so much. Thank you for all your hard work on the server.

And to the players, thank you all for being a part of this server. Outstanding support after so many years. I couldn't ask for more.

I will be working to create an even better experience for all of us in the upcoming year. Hope you all have a great year, thank you.

Winter Events 2019! [Secret Santa and More!]

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Dear players of McCities,

I am happy to announce some of the winter events that will be hosted for the rest of December.

First of all, the traditional Secret Santa! You'll have to enter the Secret Santa event here (the link is now closed) and you'll receive your Secret Santa. The last day for entry is on December 20th, so make sure to be on time!
Presents will be found at /warp Christmas (Opening up on December 20th). A locked chest can be found with the name of your secret Santa. Ask staff in-game for help setting up your present.

Secret Santa isn't the only even this year. Staff members will be hosting small events from time to time for the rest of the month.

Spleef: Lostinthewqrld
Boat Racing: Smilinq
Cook-off: Sundae22 +...

IMPORTANT Upcoming City Changes

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Hello, Players of McCities.

We, as a staff team, are working on significant changes to the cities that will be occurring over the next few months. Most importantly, the world NewCity (Regions inside Goldenoaks & Blumont) will be removed in its entirety. We will be working to redevelop the older areas of Cayman. Renovating neighborhoods and transferring plots from NewCity into Cayman. With this change, we will be offering a chance to trade any unused Blumont & Goldenoaks plots for an unregioned plot on Cayman. If this is something you're interested in, be sure to contact Smilinq.

We truly believe this change is for the better and will improve the experience for players on the server. We'll be sure to follow up on upcoming updates.

- Staff

Be sure to ask below if you have any questions!

[Event] Murder Mystery week 4 (Submit Police Report here!)

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A Murder took place on McCities

It has been 3 weeks since the tragic murder. The Police are happy to announce that the Murderer has been apprehended, thanks to the hard work of the Detectives. The police used the info on the Data Drive and found out where the Murderer is hiding. We thought the Mystery was finally solved, but the Judge said we need more evidence to make this a solid case. We don't know where the murderer was operating from, why he killed the victim and where he went after the murder at /warp bank.

Thankfully we do have 1 more lead for you to follow Detective. We know for a fact that the base is somewhere in the sewer system at /warp bank. We need you to go down there, but be careful! The sewers are a dangerous place. Follow the trails and hopefully you can find the Hidden Base!

Once you have gathered all the...

[Event] Murder Mystery Week 3!!

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A murder took place on Cities...

2 weeks have passed since the terrible murder at /warp bank and the murderer is still on the loose. Last night however we think the murderer reappeared in the City. A silent robbery took place at the News Station in Cayman. There are many valuable items in the vault but only 1 item was taken. Please inspect the vault for clues and track down the stolen item. I have strong faith this item will give us more insights to the murder and might give us the final clues to solve the Mystery.

The News Building is at /warp city to your right. Here's a picture. Go inside and the cops will guide you to the vault.


Save this server, catch the murderer and solve this case!

Good luck Detective,
M. Galaxie

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0...

Mccities Hunger Games!

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Welcome to the Mccities Hunger Games!

Previously on the player hosted events...

Player Warps

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Hello, players of McCities!
After a long time we now have player warps introduced into the server!
To start all you have to do is type /pwarp and it will bring up this menu​

Here you can see all the active player warps that are on the server.
To create your own type /pwarp set [Choice of Name for Warp]
To remove a warp type /pwarp remove [Name of Warp]​
- You must have 1 million in your current balance to create a warp

- They are a one time use. Once you create a warp. That's it.

Introducing Crates! **CRATE KEY GIVEAWAY**

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Hello, players of McCities!
We're introducing loot-filled crates to provide a way to pick up randomized content at large discounts. There will be two crates available at all times, and one seasonal crate that changes as the year goes by. These crates be can unlocked using crate keys that are purchasable from the store (Currently on sale). To kick off the release of crates, we'll be doing a giveaway! Leave a comment below and five winners will be chosen at random.
Remember, each crate has its own pool of items so be sure to check out the possible winnings below!

Standard Crate $2.00 $1.40 USD ...

IMPORTANT Player Hosted Events

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Not too long ago in an update post we had mentioned player hosted events. Now for the month of July we want to do those events. These events will e hosted by the player be it their own idea and will have the backing of staff to help achieve it. The rules are:
- it not being for your own monetary gain.
- something that people will actually enjoy.
-realistic in being done.
The format is as follows:
2:Name of your idea
3: What the idea is
The best ideas will be picked and then we will aim to get those out as soon as
Good luck!

IMPORTANT New City Update

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Not so long ago i made a post detailing the idea of a new city. We have already started the project of creating this city but it wouldnt be right to give you guys the plan of how this city is to be laid out and the plan for it so here it is:
The city will have 4 districts. This is to keep things more organised and not everything all over the place. We aim to encourage transport and may be updating/new vehicle plugin to support this.

This district will contain all the housing that is available in the new city. it will then contain 3 somewhat gated communities within it including a cheaper/smaller area a more middle-sized homes and then one for mansions/larger homes.
This is the main area of the city. Its where all the business will go. There will be a designated area for most of the current jobs and where they will be located within the city centre. This will also be a place for new companies to flourish. With that we may have an in-game stock...

IMPORTANT Bank Robbery

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Hello all, the much anticipated bank robbery is now ready to go live. However this plugin is different from last time so i will give you guys a quick rundown on how the plugin works
This robbery now has organised crews
To create a crew type: /robbery crew which will bring you this screen
Here you can then click to invite a player this will then bring you a prompt where you need to type a players name.
Repeat the same process if you wish to delete a crew or invite someone else.

Now to begin the robbery you will need to find the NPC who can start the heist. But i obviously wont tell you which npc it is:Evil:

Once you find the NPC Shift-RighClick and this screen will appear...

IMPORTANT A new city

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Hello everyone hope you are doing well
The staff at mccities with the aid of the architects have decided having a fresh brand new city would benefit the server. The focus of this is to freshen up the server as the current city we have has been there for 5 years.
This new city will not result in the current one we have being deleted so do not worry about your plots getting lost but however just add more to the city we have. We will be working on some sort of transportation method to try and eliminate the use of some warps
We don’t expect this to be done overnight and are hoping this to be done within 1-4 months if things go smoothly.
If you do have any questions let us know down below
Thank you as always


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Hello players,
If you have tried to join the server you will see that it is down. We are currently running into some host issues and are trying to resolve them hence the whitelist is up. Check back on this post often for any updates i will provide.
There is currently NO estimated time as to when server will be up.
Thank you as always,

IMPORTANT Plot Rule Changes

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Hello Everyone,
As you are aware, as of recent plot activity allowed a 60 day time period where you could be inactive before plots would be revoked. This is now being reduced to 45 days. This rule will take into effect 2 weeks after this post. If you have concerns please leave them down below and i will do my best to answer them all.
Thank You