My Return

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Hello all, im pretty sure a lot of the new players will not remember me as i was last playing and apart of the server around 2 years ago. Back then i was co-owner and helped the server grow from the start to when i had left. But now, speaking with kiri i have decided to come and help out the server again.
The role im taking on this time is more of a communicative role. mainly between staff and players as well as the owners. Along side being active on server and helping those out.
(Also making sure kiri does his job;))
although i have been away for 2 years and will take some time for me to learn im more than willing to put the time in and getting to know you all



Warp Wedding Competition

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We’re currently looking for a new warp wedding to the city, architects, staff members, or any rank could participate. The wedding will show your landscape abilities and shouldn’t be too much of complicated or hard. Your reward will be recognition for the build and happily placed on /warp wedding.


The build should not look halfway done or empty
Build needs to be built in creative (our server)
It has to meet city standards (shouldn't be a huge skyscraper or medieval build)
You can build the wedding with a friend, only one of you can enter in the form though
Has to be on a flat plot
Needs to be on a 52x35. Any bigger builds/extremely small will be disqualified.

You can enter with a past build, but it needs to have been built yourself

Same judges from last time, to exclude...

McCities Secret Santa!

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Merry Christmas!

This year we are playing Secret Santa again, and unlike last year we are adding some new features that you’ll see in /warp Christmas (when it’s up)

You may /warp Christmas on December 20th, to choose a chest and put down the new and improved [Gift] sign down similar to a lock sign with players name underneath the “[Gift]”. Which you’ll have 4 days to put gifts in and add your Secret Santa’s name on the sign. Preferably later around Christmas, the 25th, is...
Chapter One - September Update
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Greetings and salutations,

How have you all been? Hope you are all dandy today, I have missed you all! Oh me? I am doing quite well, thanks for asking.

So what brings me here after several months of nothingness? First you deserve to know that my activity wasn't high, most of my time was spent either working or having general life problems, that's why development on my end is delayed, plus I had to wait on a couple of developers to fix their plugins in order for mine to work properly.. But I did give it my best whenever I got the chance (My teddy bear can vouch for me).

Anyhow, your support and feedback, mainly on our Discord server (, have been amazing and helped us a lot, from combating lag to balances and bug fixes.

Today I will be listing some of the changes we recently had on the server, as well as inform you of some of the upcoming updates.

Recent changes:

[COLOR=rgb(97, 189...

McCities Updates Returning

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Greetings citizens,

It has been far too long since we last talked! As you may or may not know, I had resigned from my position on the server a few months ago due to my limited time. Now that my exams are over, I am pleasured to say that I have returned as a Developer to the server.
I always had a vision for the server, and that was for it to be unique and exceptional but I was too occupied by life and my previous rank, owner. But now however, that all changed, I will have more time to spend developing and taking care of the back-end of the server. It will also serve as an excellent stage for me to test and improve my skills.

And now with the introduction out of the way, what is new and what is to be expected in the future?
Our current plans are as follows:
- Optimization, and more optimization
- Forking old and outdated plugin to improve efficiency
- Developing new ideas and plugins for the server

New Year

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Greetings our lovely community,

Today is the first day of 2018, having us closer than ever to being running for 4 whole years under the domain McCities. We have all went through a lot in the last year, from administration issues to stale updates, but thanks to you, we all as a community have set new records on the server, starting by reaching 100+ players online to weekly updates and a constantly fresh update log section. It all wouldn't have been possible without your support and the dedication of our staff team, whose members I cannot thank enough for their work and passion.


A lot of new features and updates were pushed over the past year, but let me take you through a quick journey to remember the best of them.

Bank and robbery were both added at the beginning of the year, which opened a lot of opportunities for roleplay, especially to Police and robbers who had benefited from it.
Then school was re-added to the mix, coming with a lot of...​

Weekly Update - #4 [Reputation & Crafting]

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Hope you are all having happy holidays. As promised, I've lately devoted all my free time to bring new updates, and this week I present to you a big one I feel (and hope) will have a great impact on the gameplay experience. As you know, Reputation never had a real usage, which is why this week's update is revolved around it.

But before starting, we are launching the last Store sale in a while, so make sure to pick what you want now before it is too late. The sale will last until the end of Christmas. 30% off all store items.

Reputation has received a full rework, beginning with a full reset of everyone's reputation back down to 0, this will allow us to start fresh and give actual value to the feature.

Introducing a new command, /giverep <name> which allows you to repute other players, whether it is because you enjoy their company, trust...​

Weekly Update - #3

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Up until this point I never really had an impact on the server's gameplay mechanics that much, but I'm glad to bring you my first core project. In two days alone I've spent 14 hours to bring you this feature as promised, it took me a while to setup the project to provide you with an easy and fast interface considering I'm working on it alone. I've tried my best to eliminate all the bugs I could find and from my testing, it's working as intended, so without further ado, here is the Crafting System.


What is the MCCrafting?
- It is a unique system of MCCities, offering players an interactive way of earning rewards by finishing tasks and quests randomly given to each player. You can access it by running the command /crafting

What is the current progress on MCCrafting?
- All the code bases are set, as well as a fully functional Rewards Shell system for players to use right now. Approximately 45% of...

Weekly Update - #2

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Hope you all have a happy holiday! Last week I was extremely busy, sorry for not publishing the weekly update I've promised, the next couple of weeks I should have more free time from projects and whatnot.
Either way, this week I focused mainly on Christmas updates, and this included changing the server store's overall theme, took a while but I got it done. I'd love to hear your opinion on the new design, so let me know down below. Not only that, but we are hosting a 30% store discount on all the available items as well.

Now for the part regarding Reward Shells, in my last update ( I have explained what a Reward Shell is, so I have been working to bring it live as soon as possible. I'm 65% complete with the whole system, the progress is going slow because I'm working on it alone, couldn't...