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    so the sever is down, lets do a q+a

    Nice you got all of them right!... I hope XD
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    so the sever is down, lets do a q+a

    So... This is a Q - A ok then, Question 1. When was America founded. Question 2. Is this now a game show. Question 3. Whats the lowest damage a sniper rifle does.
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    [Event] Murder Mystery week 4 (Submit Police Report here!)

    Well im not going to win... I know the lair and all, exept the murderer. XD :confused:
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    Buying Gauss

    Hello my name is 3DBlockz, i am looking for a gauss Budget 500k or if you want more ill try. Thank you
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    we have the same mom

    we have the same mom
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    IMPORTANT A new city

    i think all the cities should be merged into 1 world so if we wana spend a hour goin to shops we can fly XD take this into consideration
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    Magic Sugar Legalization Referendum

    thats like California legalizing we
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    Magic Sugar Legalization Referendum

    dont do it!!!
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    Missing Region Rn-4

    Well i bought it from creeper CJC so he remembers...... i think
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    Missing Region Rn-4

    I just lost my house from the glitch so im making this thread IGN: 3DBlockz Region: rn-4 Island: RunnerBoro Owner: 3DBlockz no screen shots
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    House lost

    oh it was rn-4
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    House lost

    Hello im 3DBlockz and when the server was down i lost my house i was wondering if i would be able to get it back? Please contact me with information.
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    IMPORTANT Server Down

    Why because i felt like doin it :/ (no i dont really know)