1. nibble

    Denied saipo12345 - Old Arch Ban Appeal

    You've had more than one chance, denied.
  2. nibble

    850k in Stocks

    Tag me again if I don't respond within a few days, thanks.
  3. nibble

    Accepted Old Mccities staff (Tiga) - Ban Appeal

  4. nibble

    Update Update Log - 8/16/18

    Update Log - 8/16/18 /laws has been added to link players to the city laws in-game The c͏a͏s͏i͏n͏o was rebuilt by @Arius (Additional function will come at a later date, check out the stunning build for now!) /ad increase in price $100 > $200 /ad cooldown increased from 10 seconds > 30 seconds...
  5. nibble

    FriedPotaters/Bubblesthepro Ban Appeal

    This ban was likely placed by @Coban
  6. nibble

    Resolved I LOST 200k!!????

    179000 has been refunded to your balance.
  7. nibble

    Resolved I lost 20k from bank

    25k has been refunded to your bank balance.
  8. nibble

    Resolved Lost money (50k) :(

    follow the proper format, thanks.
  9. nibble

    Resolved Lost Bank Money

    You didn't lose any money based on the database records. Sorry, but nothing will be refunded.
  10. nibble

    Resolved Bank glitch

    refunded 200k to your balance, thanks for the report.
  11. nibble

    Resolved Missing some bank money and miner experience

    112000 has been refunded to your bank balance, thanks for the report.
  12. nibble

    Resolved Lost 40k

    It seems that you've gained 210000, not lost money. It has been taken out of your bank balance, thanks.
  13. nibble

    Resolved Money Missing in Bank

    219000 has been deposited to your bank, thanks for the report.
  14. nibble

    Resolved lost 400k

    $325400 has been refunded, thanks for the report.
  15. nibble

    Resolved Lost 15 million from my /bal

    I can see a difference of exactly 15 mil from your bank balance, it's refunded now. Sorry for the troubles.