Jun 1, 2018
So ive been told you all do transfers on timetables, in my opinion its really stupid because there could be an admin online not doing anything and they could be doing transfers and regions etc but they wont ive found because it isnt there week on the timetable. This is really frustrating and im sure im not the only one that thinks this.


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Oct 14, 2017
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Taking turns is't a great idea since other jr admins might not be busy and could help do transfers. This would lessen the workload and make it so the requests don't build up and take hours to complete. The wait times would also go way down, which is always nice.
True. I heard they to it in turns of weeks? But now that I think if it I don't get it if you do like transfers every day for one week or just once that week. I don't see many transfers happen so I believe only once a week.
If this is correct your suggestion would be great. With 3 jr admins transfers done every 3 days would be doable I guess. Even with the week system.

This is a whole other thing but
Transfers, bug reports, ban appeals. Do jr admins do more stuff that only jr admins do? So courtcases don't count and the normal helping around. I just realized I really don't know it...
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